clean-laundry As we all know, laundry detergent is a part of all of our bills and expenses. In fact, the average American spends a $180 to $600 just trying to get the detergent to keep their clothes clean every year. This year I will only spend around $30 for all of my laundry detergent. No, I am not making some secret concoction of soap and baking soda like many sites advise. The fact is that people don't have that sort of time on their hands to start creating their own soaps, detergents and cleaning agents. I will tell you a very simple way you can pick up Arm & Hammer Detergent for very cheap. I will even do my humble readers the favor of creating a numbered list. What you are about to read seems like common sense but you would be surprised how many people do not take advantage of these coupon opportunities

This is exactly what you need to do:

Step 1. Go to

Step 2.
 Type in "arm hammer coupons" and click search.

Step 3.
 Click "Auction" or "Buy It Now" under Format on the left hand side of the screen.

Step 4.
 Sort products by "Price + Shipping: Lowest First".

Step 5.
 Start bidding or simply make a "Buy It Now" purchase.

You see how easy that was? Take a good look at those coupons. You will find that each one guarantees a free Arm & Hammer product of any kind. The reason they are priced slightly higher than you might expect for a coupon is because anybody who buys those coupons is buying them because they want laundry detergent. They actually work as well and if you can get a good deal you will save even more moolah! The prices change all the time so shop quickly my friends or you may be sorely disappointed to find somebody else purchased the cheapest ones before you could. There are a few things you want to pay attention to and I will list those below.

Things you need to watch out for:

Watch out for: How much you paying per coupon. The price for the largest container of detergent from Arm and Hammer that you'll find in any store is around $14. It may vary slightly from month to month so check up on your local prices. I recommend not paying anymore than $7 per coupon but I personally go no higher than $5 but that can be a very difficult deal to catch.

Watch out for the expiration date! 

Make sure that the coupon does not expire in two days or some ridiculously low number like that. Many vendors may have trouble getting a hold of these Arm & Hammer coupons until the last month that they are out so please be wary. If your not paying attention you could very well waste your money.

Well, that is that. Farewell everyone and please enjoy the savings! By my calculations you should be ably to save at least $90 to $300 or more on just this one little tip. You can take that straight to the bank! 🙂

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