boost_Twitter_logo_1Before I begin I want to point out that I do NOT work for Boost at all. I am just very happy with my service and the money I am saving and thought I would share with my readers a little review of their service.

When it comes to cell phone plans most people stick to the almighty oligopoly of service providers; Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. I personally, have had service with both Sprint and Verizon. The problem with all of these service providers is that they keep on jacking up the cost. For a 4G unlimited plan all of these providers charge between $110 and $130 – That is sickening! Since when did a cell phone become a SERIOUS bill that now costs the average American nearly $100,000 dollars over the course of their lifetime? I have been with Sprint for many years and as long as I have had my phone, and been with Sprint, the costs continue to rise. They started by charging customers more taxes and even a “luxury” fee for having a smartphone that, pardon me if I am wrong, has become an essential convenience for almost everyone in the 21st century. Last month I had finally had it with paying these huge prices. I decided I would do the intelligent thing and switch over to Boost.

Switching over to Boost has been one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I picked up an Evo Design 4G Smartphone for a little less than $200 and jumped right on to Boosts Unlimited Plan. I am now saving over $60 bucks a month and could not be happier! First off, despite any misconception that ANYONE might have, the service is fantastic. I don’t suffer from dropped calls and I don’t have any issues getting a signal or downloading music or games or anything at all. You see, Boost is owned by Sprint and they operate from the same great towers. It’s not a hack job like T-Mobile which I have also had and still hate to this very day. There are few simple facts about Boost that I want to point out to anyone who reads this post. I will actually make a list below and I think you’re going to be pretty happy when you read this information. I highly recommend switching from whatever contract toting, over-charging provider you have as soon as possible before they try to rob you even “blinder” with higher fees. Here it goes…

What you need to know about Boost:

(Important Fact #1) The price for an unlimited plan on 4G phones starts at $55 a month and $50 dollars for a 3G.

(Important Fact #2) Every six months you have Boost your monthly bill will permanently drop by $5 until 18 months has passed, in which case you will only be paying $40 a month for a 4G phone like the Samsung Galaxy S3, or $35 a month for a 3G phone.

(Important Fact #3) The service, which I have, is AWESOME and just as good as Sprint because Boost is OWNED by Sprint and they operate from the same towers.

(Important Fact #4) During the course of the average Americans life span, if they start with Boost at 18 years old, they will save about $55,000 on a 4G phone plan by the time they are dead when compared directly with Sprint, Verizon and AT&T unlimited plans.

(Important Fact #5) Boost has a lot of great phones but there selection is limited. If you can’t find what you’re looking for you can always have a phone flashed to Boost by a professional.

(Important Fact #6) If you are with Sprint and switch to Boost you will get a $50 credit towards your new Boost account.

So what now? As you can tell it is pretty much a no brainer. If you want to be an intelligent citizen of America and save your money than you need to switch to Boost. Think about it, that 50k you’d save over your life could be a small inheritance, a down payment on a house, college for you kids and a lot of other things. You might have to jump out of the rat race of having the “fanciest phone” right when it comes out but isn’t it worth it when you could save that much money. I just am so sick of seeing citizens of this great country getting pimped out by these corporations and businesses because they refuse to use their brains or are too vain to let go of a big name brand. Please, do yourself a favor and save some money. This type of offer might not be around forever and they may gradually increase the price as time goes like a lot of businesses do so it is important that you get in while you can. This is just a thought for all of my readers and I hope you enjoy the money you can save through this little bit of sound advice. 

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