The first thing you should look for in a mouse is ergonomics. Ergonomics means something that is designed to be efficient and simple to use and in mice this is usually seen as the way a mouse is shaped - the comfort factor. So, if you have a large hand, than buying a larger mouse is definitely encouraged. This is extremely important for people who use mice for long periods of time and can really ease the stress that your hand and arms experience during use.

Another very important factor to consider when buying a mouse is the "user friendliness". Essentially, how easy is the mouse to set up and how simple is the software used to customize the functions of the mouse to make it specific to your needs. This is very important for people who need their mice for business and education. In order for a mouse to work for you should be able to very easily program it to your specifications.

If you’re a gamer or very handy and quick with a mouse than you'll need to have a mouse with a solid DPI rate. DPI is a measure of sensitivity, or how little you have to move your mouse to move whatever virtual object you're controlling on the screen, such as your gun in a first-person shooter or your cursor in a real-time strategy game or even just moving the mouse between links in a web browser. So that said, if you use a 1024x786 screen resolution, and you having a 1000 DPI mouse, it would 'technically' take 1 inch to move from one side to the other. For the average user who is simply browsing the internet a standard mouse will be sufficient.

Finally, something that should always be considered is the amount of programmable buttons on a mouse. In case you’re wondering what a programmable button is it is simply a button that can be reprogrammed to perform a specific function. For instance, you can reprogram your right click button on your mouse to perform a "cut" or a "paste". If you are a gamer or your job involves tedious or complicated functions on the web or throughout your computer than having more programmable buttons means you can simplify your movements and perform more functions with one click. The more buttons you have, the more you can program. Most computers have software that allows you to program most basic mice and some mice come with software that allows you to program mice for more complicated functions. Microsoft mice are noticed for having easily programmable buttons and excellent software.

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