Car insurance, as far as I am concerned, is an unprecedented scam on a global level. It is a money draining con and drains the American economy of billions of dollars. If you’re thinking about taking up driving without car insurance you’re not alone. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners nearly 14% of Americans across the USA drive without insurance every day. Now some might say that uninsured motorists are driving up the cost of car insurance. In addition, according to the N.A.I.C. that figure is a ballpark $11 billion. I say, rather than uninsured motorists driving up the costs of car insurance by illegally driving without it, it is in fact the "cartel' of car insurance companies that lobbied for making car insurance mandatory by law who are in fact the culprit for overpriced car insurance in the first place!

The price of car insurance ranges widely from state to state and city to city. Although, from what I was able to glean off of all the different websites I visited to find an accurate number, I came to understand that the average American spends around $1,300 or more on car insurance annually. That’s over $80,000 over the course of the average American citizen’s life and it only goes up from there. Not everyone can afford that. In fact, even if you can afford that you shouldn’t have to pay it in the first place.

Most people are under the guise that without car insurance the risk of driving would be too great. Well, not only is that false, but the Live Free or Die State of New Hampshire still allows drivers the freedom to choose whether or not they want to drive insured. Has New Hampshire exploded? Is the death toll from accidents too great for the country too bare? Are people afraid to come out of their homes from the fear that at any moment a renegade motorist will wildly careen out of control with the intent to murder? NO! That’s because penalties for getting in to accidents rather than penalties for not paying for car insurance are equally as effective! In New Hampshire, if a motorist gets in to an accident and cannot demonstrate fiscal responsibility, and will not pay for the damages caused than they lose their license and face many other penalties and the victim can take action against them. That, as far as I am concerned, is an excellent system.

All that I have said so far is why I believe that driving without car insurance is not only a money saving opportunity, but also a great way to thumb your nose at the system that is constantly trying to bury us in fees, bills, fines , taxes, debt, levies, high prices, stupid laws and shitty roads. Now, to the point of this entire article, I will explain the top 10 things you can do to avoid getting caught driving without car insurance.

(#1) Expired Tags

A Vehicle tag, another cash cow for the state, are something you must make sure are up to date if you plan on driving without car insurance. Tags are on your license plate and expire after a certain period of time has passed. Make sure that yours are up to date so you don’t get pulled over.

(#2) Car Lights

If you’re going to be driving without car insurance you need to make sure that your tail lights, headlights and turning signals are functional every single day. Having a tail light out or a blinker that does not work is the easiest and one of the most common reasons people get pulled over.

(#3) Keep a Clean Car

Most people don’t know this but police will pull you over if you’re driving a hunk of junk that looks like it just got out of a mud bath. The reason they might pull you over is because if you can’t keep your car clean it creates the perception that you can’t afford car insurance. Take a little bit of that money that you’re saving on driving with no car insurance and spend the 5 dollars at the carwash once every 2 weeks or simple hose down your car every other day. I have spoken to a police officer who told me he will pull over people who are driving filthy cars because he suspects that they do not have car insurance.

(#4) Be Prepared For Car Troubles

Being prepared for car troubles means having your own equipment if you have issues with you vehicle while you’re commuting. Basically, a list of things you want to make sure you have in your car at all times is a spare tire, a car jack, back up bulbs for your car lights, a quart of oil, an extra gallon of gas, a lug wrench, an battery jumper that does not require another car to jump start your cars battery if it dies (there are many kinds), and fuses for all the most commonly burnt out fuses in cars such as a headlight.

(#5) Drive Responsibly

Being a reckless driver without car insurance is the best way to get caught, go to jail, and get your vehicle taken away. If you’re going to be driving with no insurance than make sure you obey all of the road laws. Avoiding the stereotypical “reckless, uninsured motorist” behavior is one of the greatest ways to not get caught.

(#6) Make Sure Your Car Is Functioning Properly

Try to keep your car in tip top working condition. An excellent point to make about how a car that is not functioning properly can get you pulled over is having a bad alignment. Cops will pull people over who are not driving in a straight line. Having a bad alignment in your vehicle makes you look drunk. Essentially, just keeping your car in good shape from a functional stand point is an excellent way to avoid coming in to contact, or drawing the attention of police. This means making sure your car is not making any loud sounds or that a part is not loose and that your car is wholly put together. Go in for regular check-ups to make sure your car has no issues at all.

(#7) Don’t Drive With a Suspended License

All a cop has to do is run your plates and they will know if your license is suspended and they will pull you over. If you get pulled over for having a suspended license they will obviously figure out that you don’t have insurance either. Luckily, cops cannot tell whether or not you have car insurance by running your plates.

(#8) No Loud Music

Loud music an excellent way to draw attention to yourself while you are driving. If you want to get caught driving with no insurance than I suggest blasting your music as loud as possible.

(#9) No Visibly Missing Parts

Make sure that your car is not missing any parts that the cops can see. This would include a broken off mirror or a smashed window or a missing bumper and more. Cops believe that people who are driving a junky looking car are more likely to be driving with no car insurance. The reason they believe this is because it is actually true. Do your best not to “look” like you can’t afford or don’t want to pay for car insurance by having a car that is not visibly missing parts.

(#10) Come To a Full Stop at Stop Signs

The reason I am separating this from #5, Drive Responsibly, is because most people do not know how important this is. When you slow down at a stop sign but do not come to a full and complete stop before proceeding it is called a California Roll. A California Roll is illegal in most states and will get you pulled over.

All of these 10 things will get you pulled over. If you are sick of paying for overpriced car insurance and want to drive without it than make sure you follow these 10 rules and anything else that strikes your common sense as important. Good luck my friends and I hope you save money with my advice!

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