ten tips on buying a used carThere are several methods and ways to get a good deal at a used car lot. I will put the most useful tips below.

Tip 1: Always go to a car lot with the amount of money you are willing to spend and do not bring your debit or credit card. Do not bring more money than you are willing to spend. EVER!

Tip 2: Go to a car lot 2 hours before they close. Car salesmen will be more pressured to close the deal with time ticking away. They have quotas to tend to. This is the MOST IMPORTANT RULE!

Tip 3: If a car does not have a price tag on it a car salesmen will tell you the car is much more than they are actually willing to go. They do this so they have room to bargain. Basically, if they tell you $10,000 for a car, you should be able to get it for $6,000 to $7,000 dollars. If you arrive late in the day, like step 2 advises, than you’re more likely to get the $6,000 dollar deal. Basically, you can cut about 40% off whatever price you are told. 

Tip 4: Do not finance a vehicle. No matter what you think or how much you believe you deserve an expensive car, do not finance anything. That is the easiest way to get ripped off. A car salesman will tell you that you deserve a nice car and that financing a car is an investment. It is the exact opposite. Do not be persuaded.

Tip 5: Make sure you go to a reliable used car dealership and that you test out everything about the vehicle. Oil, tire tread, breaks, performance, EVERYTHING. Buying a lemon is the best way to NOT save money.

Tip 6: Try to stick with a used car that is between the year 1996 and 2000. Cars after the year 2000 are going to cost you more money in maintenance while a car before the year 1996 is not going to have a computer for checking the diagnostics of the vehicle.

Tip 7: If you are looking at buying a suburban realize that whatever price you are told can be dropped much lower than a standard vehicle. Gas guzzlers can be a harder sell because of their fuel economy so a car salesman will be more flexible on the price.

Tip 8: Watch out for double teaming salesmen. It's much like the "good cop #1, bad cop #2" routine, only at a car lot it's a "good car salesmen #1, good car salesmen #2" routine. They will get together and increase the pressure to make a sale. Sometimes one will pretend he is not a salesman. One might claim he is simply a guy who cleans up the lot and will assure you how good the deal is that you’re getting. They may act very surprised together at the deal you’re getting. One might walk away claiming he is going to talk to the manager about the deal his is going to give you and when he comes back he will tell you the price and the other salesmen will get all wide eyed at the "amazing deal" you’re getting. Don't be fooled. This is just a ploy to loosen you up. 

Tip 9: Realize that car salesmen can be desperate for money at times, especially the younger ones who are really trying to get a sale. You can use this to your advantage. At a used car lot, they sometimes need a sale more than you need to buy. Most of the younger car salesmen are much more flexible than an older more experienced salesman because they want to impress management with their ability to "hustle".

Tip 10: Realize that many car salesmen at a used car lot have a hustler’s mentality. You need to break through this. The best way to break through this is to put the pressure on them to make a sale, rather than let them put the pressure on you. They will use many tactics to do this. Sometimes they will claim that many people have checked out the car you’re looking at or that the price tag is a limited time offer. This is their hustling side. They simply lie to pressure you to buy the car. If you walk in to a car lot with an open mind, are not impulsive, and do not "fall in love" with any car on the lot, you are more likely to get a better deal.

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