PayPal, regardless of the size of the company and the prolific nature of its website, has many issues when it comes to functioning properly. When trying to print out shipping labels I personally have had numerous errors. Either it freezes up or gives me an error message such as, “We are not able to generate your label at this time. Your PayPal account was not charged. Please try again later.”, or “PayPal Shipping is not available. We apologize for the inconvenience.” There are many basic and simple ways to combat these issues. Following these tips will help you use PayPal’s many features such as “Ship It Now”, or sending money, much faster when experiencing an issue, and much more effectively.

Tip 1: Use the Internet Explorer browser. While using browsers like Google Chrome and many others, I have noticed that "PayPal Ship It Now", and the other feature that PayPal offers, become much more prone to errors. The rate at which I have issues is cut down to almost zero when using Internet Explorer.

Tip 2: Be patient. When going through the process of printing out a label, or performing any other function on PayPal for that matter, it is important that you have patience. Let every single window, screen, and process load completely before clicking any further. Clicking around or hitting random keys while different screens or commands are being loaded can easily cause an error on PayPal.

Tip 3: Clear your browsing history and cookies. Letting a build-up of browsing history  and cookies accumulate can and will cause your computer and browsing experience itself to slow over time. Your issues with PayPal may very well have nothing to do with PayPal at all. Your browser may be slowed due to the build-up of browsing history or cookies. Clearing you browsing history also means clearing your auto-fill settings from Google. 

Tip 4: If you continue to have issues with PayPal after trying all of the previous tips, try shutting down your computer and letting it cool down before turning it back on. Although the technical aspects of why this helps are beyond me, I have noticed that it definitely does help the PayPal website function better and load faster.

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