Keeping a clean phone is not only important for the overall appearance, it can also enhance the performance.

Materials you will need

Cotton sock

Soft Toothbrush

Rubbing Alcohol

Tip 1: Do not ever use water to clean your phone. This can not only cause functional issues and damage your phone, but can also cause a build-up of deposits. Instead, if the crevices, buttons and corners of your phone are dirty, dab a toothbrush in rubbing alcohol that is above 85% concentration, and scrub out the areas that are dirty. Rubbing alcohol evaporates very quickly so it will not leave the same deposits that tap water will and will also not cause damage. This will also save you the hassle of trying to use a blow dryer on it or a towel. When using the toothbrush, be careful how hard you scrub. That is why I recommend using a soft toothbrush.

Tip 2: When cleaning underneath the battery cover, be cautious about using the toothbrush and rubbing alcohol on any exposed components. Although safer than water, it can still cause damage if you’re not careful.

Tip 3: Save your money on buying a microfiber cleaning cloth to clean the screen. I simple cotton sock is equally as effective. If there are any bits of sock dust from the cotton left on the screen when you are done, all you have to do is blow them off.

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