I bought this portable handheld scanner because I wanted something that was just that; portable and handheld. I have to say that after using this scanner I was quite pleased. The images came out clear and it was easy and effective. There are a couple of cons to this device and I will get to the point with the cons right now.

ATTENTION! Before reading any further I want to tell you that I created a video review of this product to the left.

Con 1: If you do not have a steady hand while using this device the images are easily distorted.

Con 2: Although it is possible to convert the PDF images created by the Magic Wand Scanner to a word document with the software it comes with, once converted, the images are not clear enough to be edited letter by letter or word by word. It will simply be an image in a word document. No more and no less.

Con 3: This is very minor, but the battery lid does not feel tight enough. Even if the battery lid came off the batteries will not fall out because they are very secure, but the simple fact that the battery lid is just a little loose in the first place is not very pleasing.

Now that I got the cons out of the way I want to point out the positive aspects of the Magic Wand Scanner.

Pro 1: Besides the battery lid, this is a very sturdy and durable device. Although a very cost effective scanner, it does not feel cheap at all. I am very pleased with the quality of the materials and the overall design.

Pro 2: Produces great images. Although they were not clear enough to turn into editable text, I am still very happy with the images and I highly recommend this device if something that picks up quick images is what you’re looking for.

Pro 3: Very fast scanning. I actually assumed that device was going to be slow when I first got it. It is actually very fast. A simple swipe across the page of a book or any surface will capture the image in color and very quickly.


Image taken by VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand Scanner. Please enlarge. It is much bigger and takes GREAT detail.



Image of same page taken by 1.3 Megapixel camera. Please enlarge and compare!

After using this device, with the pros and cons combined, I still highly recommend it. I am happy with it and with a price tag of around 60 to 80 dollars you can't go wrong. This is perfect for any student, traveler, or even for business. Please look at the actual image comparisons. The one on the top is from the scanner while the one on the bottom is from my phone. They are of the same page in a book. Please enlarge to see the finer details.

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