barcode When listing certain products in certain categories on Amazon, you may notice that you need a UPC number. Not everyone has the money to buy a UPC number, and not everyone wants to shovel out the cash. Although not the most legitimate way to go about getting a UPC for free, this useful tip will work if you need a UPC code to verify your product.

Here we go!

Simply copying the UPC number off of a generic, or non-brand name product, available in any store is the most effective way to get a UCPC for free. This will work almost every time, as long as no one else has used that code. The UPC numbers on generic products are a dime a dozen and pumped out in the 100s of 1,000s.

This is a risk free and very easy way to get a UPC number for free. This can be used in many other circumstances besides Amazon, but since Amazon is usually the only place people will find themselves needing a UPC number right away, that is why I mention it.

The reason a brand name product's UPC code will not work is because almost every brand name product today is available, or has been available, somewhere on Amazon. Once a UPC number has been recorded in their files it stays there forever. The UPC number of almost all generic products have not been put online.This is because they are not marketable products, or because the sales of the generic products will cannibalize the sales of the branded products. You can use any product you like; Butter, noodles, soap, clothing, milk, as long as the product is generic the UPC number is most likely not recorded on the internet, or on Amazon.

Don't worry!

Please rest easy in knowing that no one is going to come busting down your door asking why you have used a UPC number that you do not own.

Don't be Fooled!

Also, the free UPC barcode generators that are available online are completely useless when it comes to getting an actual, factual, and functional, UPC barcode that will pass through Amazon's system.

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