yamaha-pro-400-headphones-review-earcups-closed-1000x667 Earbuds and headphones are in high demand. Whether its earbuds for running or simple leisure, wasting your money on cheap and ineffective in-ear headphones is not fun. We have actually done research using Google Trends and Adwords to compile a list of which brands of headphones are commonly broken or become defective. You can use this information to learn which earbud or headphones brands to avoid and which to buy.

The way we ranked these brands was by typing in something as simple as as “broken earbuds” or “broken headphones” or “fix my headphones” in Google Adwords or Google Trends index. We than went through many of the different terms or phrases that are associated with broken headphones. What we did was divide the number of negative searches by the number of people who searched for the headphones offered by these brands. These brands are organized by which ones have the highest percentage of negative searches overall. I want to point out that we compared at least 50 of the top headphone brands and this is what we came up with.

The list of the worst performing brands are as follows (We have ordered them from 1 being the worst and 10 still being bad, but not the worst)

Top 10 Worst Brands 

  1. Beats By Dr Dre
  2. Skull Candy
  3. Bose
  4. Sennheiser
  5. Turtle Beach
  6. Apple
  7. Plantronics
  8. Klipsch
  9. Koss
  10. Shure

How we Created This List:

When it comes to head phones, the best way to buy them when your on a budget is to buy headphones that are NOT going to break.

For instance, people type in “Sennheiser Headphone Repair” using Google nearly 800 times a month. Skull Candy was overwhelmingly defective. We found that terms like “fix Skull Candy” were typed in over 4000 times a month and phrases as long as “how to fix skullcandy earbuds” were typed in a whopping 1300 times a month (that is NOT common). Beats by Dr Dre faired no better. Sennheiser was shown repeatedly and Plantronics, although no one specifically searched for broken Plantronics headphones, we noticed 1000s of people searching for “replacement Plantronics headphones” which leads us to believe many people are having issues.

For Denon we noticed that, although only around 14,500 people a month search for Denon headphones, several hundred people a month search for “Denon Headphone Repair” and similar terms and phrases. For Apple, although more people searched for “broken headphone related terms and phrases” than the the 4 brands below it combined, because of the sheer volume of people searching for Apple headphones and earbuds versus people searching for “broken Apple earbuds” or “Apple headphone repair”, Apple actually did surprisingly well considering how massive their corporation is. I personally expected Apple to take 3rd place. I want to mention that Apples rating may be skewed due to the overwhelming volume of fake Apple headphones and earbuds that flood the marketplace. Genuine Apple earbuds may be of higher quality than this list portends.
Google AdWords- Keyword Tool

    As a note, I want to point out that Beats By Dr Dre and Skull Candy had an overwhelming number of negative searches. 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of people have had issues with broken headphones by those two brands; far surpassing the Bose, Plantronics, Sennheiser, Turtle Beach, Shure, Koss, Klipsch, and Apple brands combined. Do NOT buy from Beats By Dr Dre or Skull Candy if you want to actually save money. Remember, preventing broken headphones from occurring is actually a better way to save money than buying cheap throw-away headphones. 

    Now It’s Time for the Best Headphone Brands

    Next, I want to point out the brands that performed the best; this meaning the brands that had the least number of negative searches when divided by the number of positive searches. A positive search is anything that has to do with buying headphones, from whichever brand I mention, versus issue related searches concerning the particular brand of headphones or earbuds.

    The list of the best performing brands are as follows (with 1 being the best).

    Top 10 Best Brands

    1. Triton
    2. SMS Audio
    3. Beyerdynamic
    4. EarPollution
    5. Marley
    6. Logitech
    7. Scosche
    8. Denon
    9. Philips
    10. Panasonic

    How We Created This List:

    I want to point out that Sony, although not making it on the list by a VERY small margin, did very well and we highly recommend Sony earbuds or headphones. Out of well over 300,000 searches a month for Sony headphones, only a little over 1000 people search for broken Sony headphone related phrases and terms. Triton, SMS Audio, Beyerdynamic, and Scosche were the only brands to have virtually no negative searches. SMS audio was a real surprise runner up for 2nd place. I did not expect that. Triton was very impressive. With over 33,000 people a month searching for Triton headphones, we could not find a SINGLE person who had used negative search phrases such as "broken Triton headphones", "Triton headphone repair", or anything like it (Even "Triton Sucks" never showed up one time). SMS Audio had virtualy no negative searches either; but because they had less than half of the volume of searches versus Triton we had to give them 2nd place. Another honorable mention is Logitech. They were almost  as good as Panasonic but by only the smallest of margins were defeated (about .0003%). I want to mention that although Scosche recieved virtually no negative search terms that we could find, because they had the fewest number of people searching for their headphones, we could not give them a higher ranking due to lack of sufficient volume. We hope you enjoy this list and that it helps you in your shopping choices.


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