mosty popular computer mouse First, before I begin I want to point out exactly how this list was created. Using Google Adword's Key Word Index, I looked up how many times on a global basis each of the following brands was looked up using Google within in computer mouse related searches. With each brand I tried many variables to figure out how many times a month people looked for computer mice from each brand. 

For instance, in order to figure out out many times people looked up Microsoft pc mouse related subjects we used the terms and phrases "Microsoft Mouse", "Microsoft Mouses", "Microsoft Wireless Mouses", "Microsoft USb Mouse", "Microsoft Gaming Mouse", "Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse", "Microsoft Mice", "New Microsoft Mouse", and so on until I believed I had covered all the basic phrases that people might use to look for a mouse from that prticular brand. If a brand a particularly popular type of mouse they offer, such as the Apple Magic Mouse, I included those words in my search parameters.

The following to brands of computer mouses are listed from 1 to 20. Number 1 is the most popular and the number of global monthly searches for each particular brand will be next to it.

Top 20 Most Popular Mouse Brands Globally

  1. Logitech (805,000+ Global Monthly Searches)
  2. Microsoft (776,000+ Global Monthly Searches) 
  3. Apple (310,000+ Global Monthly Searches)
  4. Razer (211,000+ Global Monthly Searches)
  5. HP (157,000+ Global Monthly Searches)
  6. Cyborg (93,500+ Global Monthly Searches)
  7. Dell (86,000+ Global Monthly Searches)
  8. A4Tech (85,000+ Global Monthly Searches) 
  9. SteelSeries (55,000+ Global Monthly Searches)
  10. Trust (39,500+ Global Monthly Searches)
  11. Lenovo (32,500+ Global Monthly Searches)
  12. Kensington (29,000+ Global Monthly Searches) 
  13. Sony (23,500+ Global Monthly Searches)
  14. Targus (22,200+ Global Monthly Searches)
  15. LG Electronics (19,500+ Global Monthly Searches)
  16. EVOLUENT (16,000+ Global Monthly Searches)
  17. Gigabyte Technology (15,000 Global Monthly Searches)
  18. Roccat (14,500+ Global Monthly Searches)
  19. Belkin (12,200+ Global Monthly Searches)
  20. Cooler Master (9,000+ Global Monthly Searches)

  Please note that their may be some error in the number of certain brands. For instance, in the Trust brand one of the phrases I used was "Trust Mouse". It is possible that people may have been searching "trust mouse" that was related to the rodent and not the brand itself. This is a very complete list and I have used a wide range of terms and phrase variables. These numbers were created only using mouse related terms and phrases.

  So, if you have been wondering what are the best computer mice, what is the best best mouse for your computer, or what is the most popular mouse, than I hope this article assists you in making your decision regarding which brand of Mac or PC mouse you buy.

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