Adding tags to your story makes it easier for people to find your story on our website. In addition, adding accurate tags has the potential to enhance your stories search engine visibility. Please read the following rules before submitting your tags.

How to Properly Insert Tags

Rule # 1: Separate Tags with Commas

When you add a tag it is important that you separate tags with commas. As an example, if you want to insert the tags "horror, scary story, and monster story" it should look just like this:

Example: horror, scary story, monster story

If you were to add these tags without commas we would receive one single tag called horror scary story monster story. If we receive a tag such as this it will be removed.

Rule # 2: Do Not Exceed 3 Tags

Do not exceed 3 tags. If you add more than 3 tags we will choose which tags are the most relevant for you based on your genre and subject matter within. Adding more than 3 tags has the potential to make your story less visible in a search engine due to over-optimization. Basically, if there are too many tags some search engines will view this as attempting to manipulate search engine results. When this happens your story could be forced in to lower ranking search result pages and may be less likely to be read and reviewed. We want your story to be enjoyed by as many people as possible and this is why we have this rule.

Rule #3: Add Relevant Tags

Adding relevant tags is very important. The tags you add should only concern the subject and material within your story. If you cannot think of tags to add than please simply add your genre as a tag. If you are submitting a romance story than adding a tag such as "Love Story" is perfect. Do not include irrelevant tags. If you are writing a story about a man trapped in an insane asylum than adding a tag such as "haunted house" would be irrelevant. In addition, when adding tags do your best to not be overly specific. If your story is about a man named Harold who is lost in Africa than a tag such as "Harold goes to Africa and gets lost" would be overly specific. A tag that is general and concerns the overall mood of your story is much more effective at drawing in readers. A tag such as "lost adventure story" is a good example of a relevant tag in this hypothetical story. 

Rule #4: No more than 3 words per tag

Try to keep your tags to a limit of 3 words. Do not include tags that have more than 3 words. Tags with more than 3 words take up too much space in our tag cloud and will be edited or removed. These long tags make it less fair for other authors who are trying to get people to read their story using our tag cloud. One way to easily decrease the size of a tag title is by not including determiners in your tags. A determiner is a word such as "the" or "a". For instance, instead of titling a tag "The Love Story", a more effective title would be "Love Story". Shorter tags will also make it more likely that other authors will use the same tag and will thus increase the visibility of the tag in our tag cloud. This also has the potential to increase the odds of someone reading your story when entering the website.

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