proofreadingstoryWhen submitting your story for publication please make sure that you proofread your story for some of the most common mistakes. Grammar, punctuation, and spelling are the most obvious errors that occur when writing a story or article. There are many ways that you can quickly and easily proofread a story.

How to proofread a story or article quickly and effectively:

#1 ) Know and Compare

Get to know your own writing style. If an author familiarizes themselves with their own work they can begin to pick up on their own mistakes. Take a look at some of your other works and make a note of the type of errors that you often make. Create a list of those common errors and read over your entire story several times while checking for each and every one. Microsoft Word will not always solve all of your problems and can easily overlook misspelled or mistaken words. For instance, if you meant to write down ‘cat’ but accidentally wrote ‘vat’ Microsoft Word would overlook this because that is not a spelling error.

(#2) Read Your Work Aloud

Check for errors by reading your story out loud. Doing this can really allow you to hear the errors more accurately. Seeing errors is often more difficult than noticing them when you are listening. 

(#3) Break Your Work Down

Break your story down sentence by sentence while reading it. Start from the beginning and read each sentence to the very end. Do not focus on the story itself. Separate your mind from what you have created while reading each sentence. Doing this can change the way you perceive each sentence and make your mind less subject to what you meant to say rather than what is actually written down.

(#4) Get a Dictionary

Use a dictionary to research any words that you may be unsure of or are words you know are commonly misspelled. Since you will be in front of your computer while doing this I want to personally recommend as a source. 

(#5) Get Help from a Friend

Have another person read your story for you. They are unbiased and will not be subject to the impressions that you, the author, will often be misled by. This step draws from step 3. An author will often read a story they wrote and overlook certain errors because of how they perceive their own work.

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