Our rules for this particular subject are very simple. All content submitted to blog.inMOGUL.com must be original content. The content submitted cannot have been published on the internet before. If you published a story you have written anywhere else on the internet than it cannot be published on blog.inMOGUL.com. We will check to make sure that all content submitted is 100% original. The three reasons for this are simple.

Why Content Must be Original

  1. The first reason for this is the most obvious. We don't want our readers to be subject to something they can get elsewhere. We want people to be able to come to our website and enjoy a story that they have not read before. This encourages people to leave reviews, comments, and share the story you have written. If someone can come to blog.inMOGUL and read the same story here that they read somewhere else than not only will they be less interested in the content, but they will question the integrity of this website and the story posted.
  2. The second reason we require that all content be original is because of how search engines will view our website. If a search engine 'sees' that content submitted to our website has been copied or is not original than the story will be dropped in rank and harder for people to see. Not only that, but search engines such as Google will go as far as removing the article from the organic search entirely. 
  3. There are also legal reasons for why we want you to submit original content. If content is not original than it may be owned by someone else. Since we do not have or require proof that a story belongs to anyone who submits a story than we must assume you have not been given explicit permission to upload the story if we find it elsewhere on the web. We will be forced to remove any offending stories. We do not require explicit proof that you own a story as that would be far to time consuming to accomplish. We simple perform a quick search on all content submitted to make sure it is original. If it is not original we will not allow an upload to be posted. If someone claims that they are the original creators of a story on our website and asks that we remove it we always require explicit and undeniable proof that they own the article before we will take it down.

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Michael Anderson
My name is Michael Anderson and I am the owner of this website for posting and sharing stories and articles. I also have a drop shipping company that I own. I am a very independent and goal oriented person. I hope anyone who is interested in submitting a story or poem sends me their work so I can post it up on this website. You can read more about how this works and how I pay you to post up work here. Not only is using this blog a great way to get recognized for your work, it is also a excellent way to turn your poetry, stories or articles in to a profit! I started this blog in hopes that I could help people get their articles, poems and stories out there for the world to read.

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