Do you have stories or poetry on your computer or lying around?

Why not turn them in to extra money!

Turning your poetry and stories in to extra cash is easier than ever! This service is great for people who have poems or stories lying around gathering dust or just stuck on their computer. Here’s how it works, and it's very simple. Unlike other websites that only pay you based on whether or not your poem or story is popular, we pay per poem or story submitted and approved. For every story or poem submitted and approved we will send money to the PayPal account associated with the email address you enter when submitting your story or poem. Please make sure you open a PayPal account before submitting your work. If you have a lot of old stories and poems lying around this is an excellent way to turn them in to cash. Longer stories and poems are worth more than shorter ones but you will find that our system is much more profitable when compared to other websites. When stories or poems have been accepted you will receive a link to the each story or poem showing them live on our blog and money debited to your PayPal account. If a story or poem is not accepted they will not be published and you will receive a email explaining why. Our basic guidelines call for original creative content that is not spam. This is very a simple and easy process. We want quality content that is original. Also, for the time being we will not accept short stories under 5,000 characters. Please understand that characters are the number of individual letters in a page of information. You can use the character counter in the link here to determine how many characters are in your story or poem.

Don't let the large character numbers mislead you!

Before you look at these large numbers such as 5,000 or 10,000 characters and assume that is a lot of work, please understand that 5,000 characters is only about a standard page worth of text. In the poetry section, the first payment mark is 600 characters. When you think of the number 600 characters it might sound like a lot. 600 characters is about the size of this small paragraph your reading right now, perhaps a little bit smaller. That is not a lot of information for the price being paid. The only thing we ask is that all the content is original. A standard short story is 2,000 words which is actually around 9,000 characters. A 5,000 character story is about the size of a magazine article.

The Value of a Story or Poem Scale

Short Stories

  • Ten 5,000+ Character Stories: $15.00
  • Ten 6,000+ Character Stories: $20.00
  • Ten 7,000+ Character Stories: $25.00
  • Ten 8,000+ Character Stories: $30.00
  • Ten 9,000+ Character Stories: $35.00
  • Ten 10,000+ Character Stories: $40.00



  • Ten 600+ Character Poems: $2.50
  • Ten 1,250+ Character Poems: $5.00
  • Ten 2,500+ Character Poems: $7.50
  • Ten 5,000+ Character Poems: $15.00
  • Ten 6,000+ Character Poems: $20.00
  • Ten 7,000+ Character Poems: $25.00
  • Ten 8,000+ Character Poems: $30.00
  • Ten 9,000+ Character Poems: $35.00
  • Ten 10,000+ Character Poems: $40.00


Please consider this...

In order to make these stories and poems worth the money we are paying for them we need to drive traffic to your story. We will add a few words in to the title of a story to make it more obvious to people who are searching for something to read that the story you wrote is what they are looking for. As an example, if the title of your story is The Haunted House, your title may look like this when we are done editing it; The Haunted House: a Terrifying Horror Story by (Your Name Here). This will give your story more of an identity. We will never edit the actual title of a story during this process. If you would like a story removed after it has been posted and paid for we will require you to submit a removal request and refund the money paid for the story before it is removed.

Common Question

  • Do we pay for stories or poems individually?

The answer for this question is yes and no. For stories we will pay for them individually starting at the 5,000 character counter. For poems we will only pay for them individually if the character count is at least 5,000. In poems, any character count below 5,000 must be uploaded in units of 10 poems or more.

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Michael Anderson
My name is Michael Anderson and I am the owner of this website for posting and sharing stories and articles. I also have a drop shipping company that I own. I am a very independent and goal oriented person. I hope anyone who is interested in submitting a story or poem sends me their work so I can post it up on this website. You can read more about how this works and how I pay you to post up work here. Not only is using this blog a great way to get recognized for your work, it is also a excellent way to turn your poetry, stories or articles in to a profit! I started this blog in hopes that I could help people get their articles, poems and stories out there for the world to read.

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