book networkingNot only do we compensate you for taking the time to place a story or poem on our website, but we also allow you to place a link at the bottom of your story or poem that directs our readers to your website or webpage! That is pretty exciting! This is a huge part of Search Engine Optimization for a lot of websites. There are many other ways that this could benefit you besides SEO. If you are a writer and you are trying to sell a book than placing a link below a story or poem you wrote is a great way to boost sales. If someone reads your story or poem and they enjoy it they will be much more interested in purchasing a book or pamphlet from you. In addition, adding links is a great way to network! If you write a story or poem and people like it they can click on a link that takes them to your Facebook page, YouTube channel, and more. This a great way to meet new people! We really want our users to realize how powerful this tool could be. The only thing we ask for is original and quality content, and not only can you turn that content in to extra money, but we help you draw in real people to check out your website or webpage.

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We do check all links submitted to make sure that they are not spam, malware, or other types of illicit content. All links will be removed that contain such information.

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Michael Anderson
My name is Michael Anderson and I am the owner of this website for posting and sharing stories and articles. I also have a drop shipping company that I own. I am a very independent and goal oriented person. I hope anyone who is interested in submitting a story or poem sends me their work so I can post it up on this website. You can read more about how this works and how I pay you to post up work here. Not only is using this blog a great way to get recognized for your work, it is also a excellent way to turn your poetry, stories or articles in to a profit! I started this blog in hopes that I could help people get their articles, poems and stories out there for the world to read.

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