google-keywords-blocked SEO is probably one of the most important parts of developing a website. Many of us use Google's Keyword Search Tool to try and figure out what types of words and phrases people are using when they are surfing the web. It is an indispensable tool, and any interruption can be extremely annoying and waste valuable time. I have had this happen to me on many occasions. I was using Google Keywords just last week and all of the sudden I got an error message telling me that I could not search for any more words because I may be a security risk. I couldn't for the life of me figure out why they were telling me my IP address had been blocked so I decided to figure out a way around it.

Now usually the IP address of a G-mail account holder that uses Googles Adwords Keyword Tool is blocked temporarily, but it can last months for some and that is simply not acceptable. In fact (I want to point this interesting fact out before I mention it in step one) typically the IP address of users is not blocked at all. They are actually flagging your account itself, not the IP address, and they simply tell you that your IP address has been blocked. That said please view the step by step guide below on how to use Google Keywords once your account has been temporarily flagged or blocked. As a note I want to mention that Google does this as a simple precaution when you are doing a large volume of keyword searches to make sure that you are not a robot.

Two Simple Steps

(Step 1)
Sign out of your G-mail account. Your IP has not actually been blocked by Google, only your account! I am not sure why they tell people that their IP has been blocked but it is simply not true. They only block IP addresses in EXTREME circumstances. Actively using Google Keywords is not grounds to actually be blocked by Google. They simply temporarily disable your accounts ability retrieve results.

(Step 2) Now that you are signed out of your G-mail account please follow this link here. This link will take you directly to the Google Keyword Tool without having to login to your G-mail account. I am sure you have noticed that you can't access Google Keywords through the Adwords G-mail login page without having to login to your G-mail account. The only way to access Google Keywords as a "passerby" rather than a Adwords account holder is to click a direct link to the tool itself. You will be asked to fill out a captcha field that says "Type the characters that appear in the picture below. Or sign in to get more keyword ideas tailored to your account." before being able to retrieve search results, but you will no longer have any issues with having you're results flagged and blocked as though you were a security risk. The only issue with this method is that you will only be able to view a maximum of 100 keywords or phrases per search. That should not be an issues for most people as that is much better than none at all.

ATTENTION: Do not log back in to your G-mail account while you are using Google Keywords with this method. You will simply be blocked again and have to repeat these two steps. If you do accidentally log in the familiar message "A new version of the AdWords interface is available. Please refresh this page to try again." will appear at the top of the screen highlighted in red.


Your should now not have issues with Google Keywords again. Simply use this method for a few weeks until Google has unblocked your accounts ability to view Keyword search results. Blocking your account is only a precaution on Google's end so don't take any offense.

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