htc-evo-design-4g-fullI just recently picked up the Evo Design 4G by Boost Mobile. I have to say that I am actually pretty impressed considering the price. I paid $195 and some change on Amazon and I think it has been the best money I have ever spent. There are several factors about this phone that make it AMAZING and only a few that drive me crazy. I will also mention a few important aspects about this phone that are neither pros nor cons, but things I think you should know. Let's get started with the positive aspects shall we? 

Attention: I have created a video review and you can watch this review rather than reading it at the bottom of this page.


(#1) Battery Life

The battery life on the Evo Design is absolutely fantastic. With active use of the standard features of the phone it really will last me all day long. The stand-by time is even better. If I just let my phone sit all day without use it will last for more than a day. Possible 36 hours; though I have never gone for that long without using my phone. Now, if you use things like the 4G connection, Wi-Fi, or are constantly downloading apps you’re going to cut the batter life in half. Mind you it will still last longer than the average Evo model. All-in-all I am very impressed with the battery life of my Evo Design.

(#2) Physical Design

The overall physical design of this phone is very nice, stylish, modern, and sophisticated. You don't have to worry about your phone looking out of date. I get compliments all the time about my Evo. It has a similar length and width to the iPhone 5 and has a great two tone gun metal gray back color. I don't feel like I am walking around with a $200 phone at all. I feel like I have one of the newest models and I can honestly say I am proud to show and flash my phone in public. Especially with my new Amazr case I picked up on Amazon.

(#3) Quality and Durability

This phone has a very nice high quality feel to it and does not feel too heavy, or too light. I don't feel like I am holding a flimsy piece of plastic. It also feels very subtly semi-flexible and if I dropped my phone I do not anticipate that it would break. Unlike some of the older Evo models and other phones that have an almost glass-like hardness to them which makes them brittle in a way, this one has a quality durable feel that beats other phones in the Evo Designs price range.

(#4) Touchscreen Response

The touchscreen responds as effectively as any great phone should. There is no lag and it even responds while slightly wet or your fingers are oily. I have gone jogging in the rain and can still manage to change my songs and make basic use of my Evo Design. That is not to say the phones touchscreen performance is not affected by moisture but it is definitely on level with more expensive phones.

(#5 Interface and Features

Finally, the features of the Evo Design are fantastic. Compared to MANY phones in a similar price range this phone is much more intuitive. One of the things I like the most is the layout of the applications. They have not only separated the setting apps from the others but they are now in vertically sliding pages, and are not confusingly jumbled about in one big page compared to older models. This seems so simple but it’s a huge improvement on many other models of phones. Also, another thing about the interface I love is the way the apps are stored on the main horizontally sliding screens. Rather than only allowing one application per slot you can actually store sixteen apps per slot! Each app slot can be opened up in to a new sub-window and you can select from all the apps you have dragged and dropped inside. There are so many other positive features about the interface I enjoy that I simply could not write about them all. Let's suffice it to say the interface is a BIG thumbs up from me!

Now it’s time for the not so great aspects…

Ok, so even though phone is overwhelmingly a great phone there is a few things that I did not like and I will get right to the point.


(#1) Phone Call Volume

Ok, when you’re talking on this phone the volume gets REALLY loud and it hurts your eardrums. In fact, it is not so much the loudness of the volume that disturbs me as it is the tone of the speakers when you are listening to another person’s voice. I am forced to turn the volume down to almost zero when I am having a conversation because of this. It’s almost like there is no middle ground either. I either have to have my phone blaring or keep it practically silent. Mind you the other speaker functions operate perfectly fine such as music and it is only the phone call volume that has serious problems. The phone call volume is definitely not easy on the ears.

(#2) Download Time

I had an older Evo model for my last phone and even that phone downloaded faster than the Evo Design does. Sometimes it will take so long to download a simple application that I will cancel the download out of frustration. Even at optimal speed it is very average. I definitely do not like the speed of download. It could be my network but I doubt it. My download speed is even slow when I have full bars.

(#3) The External Speaker Position

The speaker position is very odd and can be easily blocked while using the phone thus rendering the volume to practically mute. If I am playing a game that requires me to have the phone in a horizontal position it can be rather annoying at times when my finger slides over the speaker and I can’t hear what is going on. The volume is very easily muted when your fingers slides over the speaker and this can be very distracting and frustrating when I am trying to relax and play a game or watch YouTube.


In sum, this phone is a fantastic phone. I want to mention the camera is great for a phone of this price. It has everything you need to take a quality photo. Although, if your big in to cameras than I would not suggest this phone. The camera is very average compared to other phones. In respect to all the other features this phone has to offer if you’re looking for a phone that is reasonably priced, has excellent battery life, quality materials, a great user-friendly interface, an attractive physical design, and a quick touchscreen response, than the Evo Design 4G by Boost Mobile is for you.

Note: The Evo Design 4G costs $55 a month on Boost Mobiles unlimited plan. Every 6 months the plan will drop by 5 dollars until 18 months has passed, and you will than only have to pay $40 a month for unlimited service.

My Video Review

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