Portland Oregon Art Tax 2013 Taxes Suck!

Today I am going to be expressing my inconsolable hatred for the new Portland Art Tax. This tax called the Arts Education and Access Income Tax (cleverly disguised rhetoric for an art FINE) was passed on November 6th of 2012. These fiendish bastards are requiring us to pay their little IRS extorted levy on May 15th of 2013. Every year following that date we will all be forced to hand over our hard earned cash to the coffers of our money mongering state. That is quite a break for the maintenance costs that are supposed to be paid by the institutions who own the art in the first place, wouldn't you say?

So Tired of Taxes!

I am getting so sick and tired of taxes. Every day there is a new story about more taxes getting piled on to American citizens already burdened shoulders. It is becoming a sickening sight. I live in Oregon, one of the most highly taxed hippy states in America.

Greedy Government

One way or another these greedy bureaucrats find a way to convince citizens that they should pay MORE taxes. Whether it’s through a guilt tripping, convincing people that they are better off than everyone in the world and making them feel bad for saving their hard earned cash, or by simply lying. One way or another, the state will get its money.  To express my frustration at this new Portland, Oregon art tax I have created a wonderful poem. I drew heavily from the Grinch’s overall attitude towards noise.

My Poem: Oh Taxes How I Hate Thee

If it’s one thing I hate, it’s all the taxes, taxes, taxes!

The more I think of taxes, the more I hate the whole thing!

There are taxes on roads and taxes on jobs, there are taxes on farmers who sell corn on the cob.

We get taxed on a tax for the money we make, and taxed on the money before the money is paid!

I see taxes on light bulbs and taxes on sinks. Why my old man got taxed when he died in his sleep.

Why there is even a tax for water and air. Is it really my fault that corporations don’t care?

We pay carbon taxes to fart and taxes to shit; I’m surprised I don’t get charged for bad habits and death!

Oh wait, that’s right, we already do! It’s called cigarette taxes and inheritance dues.

Is it just me or does this whole system seem obscene?

There are more taxation excises than any man could ever dream!

Now, it seems, they have found the ultimate tax.

They shall charge us for art that is worth billions in cash!  

To add insult to injury they will sell art museum tickets, than charge people taxes if they don’t want to visit!

Yes that’s right! Good golly, oh my!

We shall all pay a fine for the billion dollar art industry most will never see in their life!

The End…

Isn't this crazy?!

bad portland art

Just to be clear, this is an example of a piece of Portland, Oregon art we are now all going to be charged $35 to maintain. What they hell is this garbage?! I am going to have to pay a fee for that! I could have drawn that in middle school!

I will never understand people desire to vote in more taxes. If you are one of the assholes who voted for the Portland Art Tax please go pleasantly fuck yourself. If art is not generating a profit then why should we pass laws that charge people fines to maintain it? Estimates from artmarketmonitor.com put the art industry at a value of 35 to 45 BILLION dollars per year as of 2008. So why does the state need to charge people a maintenance fine? Is it just me or have lobbyists been especially creative. I for one have grown tired of the constant taxes we are all charged and encourage you all to join me in my hatred by leaving a nasty comment directed towards the state of Oregon. Thank you.

A Video of Me Expressing My Hatred of Art Taxes

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