Checkout- Edit Address enter correct addressShopping on is usually very simple. You check in, add what your looking for to your cart, check-out, and your purchase is delivered. That's what makes Amazon the best places to shop online in the world.

Occasionally though there are errors during checkout. Just the other day I had a message pop up on top of the screen on the 2nd Shipping and Payment step page. I was trying to add an address for the item to be shipped to and no matter how many times I clicked the "Ship to this address" button at the bottom Amazon kept telling me to "Please supply a city for this address." This message, "Important Message: Please supply a city for this address" was clearly invalid because the address that I was trying to input was a valid address not only according to me, but also according to USPS and Google Maps.

Even after I pushed the back button, reloaded the page and added the same address in I still kept getting the error message for a legitimate city. Eventually I finally figured out how to resolve this error and it works like a charm every time. Here is the process I used to fix this and luckily for you (and me) it is very simple.

The Solution to Fixing "Important Message: Please supply a city for this address" Error on Amazon

Step 1: Make sure you have more than one tab open in the same window. Simply right clicking in the tab area and clicking "New tab" will open a new tab.

Step 2: Close out the "Please Update Shipping Address Window" tab on Amazon. Do NOT close out the window itself, just the tab.

Step 3: Hover the mouse at the top of the screen above the Address Bar where the tabs are located. Right click your mouse and select "Reopen closed tab". If you are using Google you can hover the mouse anywhere in the area that the tabs are located to reopen your closed tab. Other search engines and browsers may require you to hover directly over a tab that is already open to reopen a closed window.

Step 4:Reload the page. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen after it reloads and click "Ship to this address". You should be successfully taken to the next screen in the Amazon checkout process.


You should not be having any more problems with getting the "Important Message: Please supply a city for this address" error. I am not sure why this happens but this solution works for me!

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