amazon versus ebayOK, so I have literally made nearly 70,000 purchases on both Amazon and eBay over the past 2 years. I am almost positive that as an individual that is probably some sort of record. My reasons for doing so are business oriented but all of these orders that I have placed have given me a unique perspective. I think after making all of these purchases I have come to a better understanding of  how Amazon and eBay work than most people ever will. 

I have spent several hundreds thousand dollars on both Amazon and eBay with the majority of my orders taking place on Amazon. I would say that at least 70% of my orders have taken place on Amazon and 30% on eBay. I have created this video off to the left to let people know which is the better and more trust worthy site. A lot of people are worried about being protected by the website that they order products from. People want to know that not only is their money safe, but that they are going to get exactly what they paid for. After making all of these purchases I have come to a very solid conclusion regarding which of these tho e-commerce giants is the better website. There are many factors that I take in to consideration and I think that this video will really help people make up their minds in deciding who they want to shop with in the future. I hope my video really helps people make up their mind and gives people a better perspective about where to find the better price and most reliable service.

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Michael Anderson
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