What are the Best Bluetooth Headphones?

I want to get right down to it and say that I have been looking for a set of Bluetooth headphones or ear buds that are stylish, flexible, do not follow and maintain a constant connection. I have owned Bluetooth headsets from Motorola, Plantronics and Sony. All of these brands paled in comparison to the quality, design and durability the Jaybird headset had to offer.

Gotta Love the Jaybirds!

I have to say that not only am I impressed with the Jaybird Freedom Stereo Bluetooth Headphones, but that they have also lasted me a long time. I have had these ear buds for well over a year and I have yet to have a single issue. I originally purchased them at Best Buy for $120. They are no longer sold at Best Buy but they can be found for cheap on Amazon in the link to the right. Please check out my video review to the left.

Although I absolutely love these headphones I only have a few qualms that I will present in the cons. There are a few issues that I have had with the fit and the charging cable that they come with.

I am going to create a list of the pro’s and con’s to demonstrate what makes this Bluetooth headset the best set I have ever owned.


Practically Waterproof: I have used these Bluetooth headphones in torrents of rain on 10 mile bike rides in Oregon. They have NEVER shorted or had any sort of issue and I don’t even where a helmet which would cover them up.

Drapes Around Neck Flexibly: I have owned several pairs of Bluetooth headsets. When I compare these to ones by other brands that have a ridged or inflexible wire connection between each earpiece that sits on the back of your neck these Jaybird Bluetooth Ear Buds take the cake! Not only do the sit well on my neck but this also keeps them from bouncing out when I am biking over rough terrain.

Durability: These headphones have lasted me a long time (well over a year). They have never diminished in performance or physically deteriorated in any way.
Excellent Sound: The sound is clear, crisp and has an excellent bass. Not only that but they actually isolate me in my own music world which really pumps me up while I am biking or jogging. My music is not drowned out by the sound of traffic, wind or pedestrians.

Fantastic Bluetooth Connection: What I really like about these Bluetooth headphones by Jaybird is the wireless connection itself. My previous pairs by Motorola and Plantronics paled in comparison. Even though other brands were in a similar price range I still had problems with disconnecting when I would bike down hills, in the rain or snow or if there was a strong wind. With the Jaybird Bluetooth Headphones I have NEVER ever had my headphones disconnect. No matter what sort of weather or how fast I was moving. It is really annoying to have your Bluetooth headphones disconnect while you are jogging or biking because you have to stop and re-sync them with your phone or iPod which really interrupts your exercise.

Slim and Stylish: Compared to other Bluetooth headsets this one is lighter, stylish and modern. I practically forget that I am wearing it when I am on the go and it does not stick out like the band style by Motorola. These are very classy and very modern.
Battery Life: The battery life is perfect and lasts around 10 hours when fully charged. Compared to other brands I have owned that is absolutely outstanding. I am used to 4 to 6 hours of battery life max for other Bluetooth headsets I have owned. I have owned these for well over a year now and the battery life has yet to diminish.

Plenty of Silicone Ear Bud Sizes: This headset comes with two sets of silicone ear buds with three different sizes in each set. One of the sets is designed like a comma so it will actually fit in the shape of the average persons actual ear. The other set is a standard bowl shaped silicone in-ear design. I personally use the comma shaped ear buds because they are more secure when I am biking.


The Charging Cable: The charging cable that this Jaybird Bluetooth Headset comes with is very unique. The problem is that it is so unique that it is actually difficult to find a new one if you lose it. Make sure that you do not lose the charging cable that this set of headphones comes with as you will have a hard time finding a new one. If the would have added a basic micro or mini USB cable that would have been a lot more convenient for customers.

To Sum it Up…

I highly recommend the Jaybird Freedom Bluetooth Headsets for any activity, whether sports related, or leisure.

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