OK, so apparently there is a video circling around on Facebook of a woman getting her head cut off by a masked  man. There is also a video of a two men being beheaded. These people were killed by Mexican gangsters. I am absolutely in SHOCK that Facebook would condone this sort of material being viewed by children! It is not only sick and wrong, but should be viewed as a crime and Facebook should be fined! 

Facebook's reasons for not taking down the video are practically senile. They claim that the video exposes it's users to the harsh realities of the world. Really? As though there is not enough violence in music, movies and on television, we must let our kids view REAL acts of depravity and murder!?! Is that what the world is coming to? In my opinion Facebook is only allowing this video to stay in circulation as a publicity stunt. Are we really going to sit back and believe that a multi-billion dollar international social media marketing network has interests that do not lie within the realms of profitability?

facebook decapitation video reposted Facebook should be literally ashamed of itself for allowing the perverted murder of a human being to be exploited for financial gain. I have included my opinions of this video off to the left. Yes, I will admit that I have included advertisements in my post and my video. This may seem hypocritical, but I am not CONDONING the murder for financial gain; I am CONDEMNING it! I can assure you this post will make no more than a dollar in advertisement clicks!

I truly do believe that society has come a long way in the past 1000 years in our moral perception of murder and pain. Back tracking to our ancestors sick and depraved forms of entertainment that involved REAL murder and REAL suffering will lead to the downfall of our society. I am so sick of these massive companies that abuse their powers in the global marketplace through antics such as this. Yes, there were some at the Facebook corporation that did not believe that the video of the bloody murders should have been allowed to stay on Facebook. What makes me sick is that Mark Zuckerberg has a 29% stake in the Facebook company yet I heard no complaints from him. Is it OK to parade the death of an innocent woman who was heartlessly murdered by Mexican drug dealers for profit?!? Is that OK!?! I really do not think so...

I really hope that if you do find this video you will not share it with your friends or family. You are merely encouraging people to become corrupt and you are minimizing the value of a human life. Please, it is disgusting and wrong to view the death of a innocent human with pleasure. This was not Jeffrey Dahmer getting is head cut off and this was not Hitler. This was a daughter, a mother, a friend and a part of someones family who had their head decapitated in the most brutal fashion. Do not contribute to the depravity of mankind. If you find the video please do not share the video with others. If you want to see murder and death than please go the movies like everybody else.

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