Free market capitalism is the bread and butter of a productive and free society. I have made a video that you can watch off to the left to more clearly illustrate my point. 

In a free market society we are all given the opportunity to not only buy what we want, but to aspire to be much more than we are. I am not by any means claiming that money is the cure all to our ills. The point I want to make is that in any country, and how we live in America, the opportunity and privilege to earn and spend our money how we choose is a great freedom many people take for granted. 

In a socialist society products and services are centrally controlled and doled out to civilians by a government entity or power. In societies such as this they are often wrought with inefficiency. The reason for this is because there is little incentive for the people who control sources of products to organize the services provided for society in an efficient way. The reason for this is because they are lacking an essential psychological element that makes a free market capitalist society work. It is called the profit and loss system.

Essentially, all businesses learn how to become more efficient through profits and losses. This system is what allows the United States to have products and services for everyone and everything you can possibly imagine. Not only does it allow businesses to provide a service or product that civilians desire, but it also allows businesses to predict needs and even find new products that people are interested in.

capitalism rocks If we are to become a more efficient and successful society we must all embrace the free market and capitalist way of life that makes America truly great. Don't get me wrong, I do understand that through greed some atrocities and suffering has taken place in this world. The problem is that when corruption occurs in a free market society that is not actually capitalism. A lot of people who do not like capitalism reference the slave trade and con artists like Bernie Madoff. The problem is that corruption like this is not actually capitalism. It is important to remember that capitalism is only capitalism when it does not violate the inherent rights of human beings and all parties involved in a transaction are in agreement. For example, if I were to take your check book and steal money from your bank account would you consider that capitalism? No, that is called thievery, not capitalism. There is a big difference between taking advantage of someone and capitalizing on a product or service people need or want. 

People may even reference drug dealers that sell highly addictive substances when condemning capitalism. The problem with this is that when selling a highly addictive drug you are not capitalizing on a product or service, you are abusing and exploiting the weaknesses of people. In a true capitalist society human rights and the rights of the individual must be assessed before capitalism can actually be true capitalism.

I hope people enjoy my video and the writing. I can from nothing and have worked my way up to a comfortable lifestyle through the free market capitalism that I am able to make use of in America. Be independent, make money and stay strong! Welcome to America my friends!

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