That's right ladies and gentleman, one day you may be able to own your very own glow in the dark plant. Imagine a future where a once dark walk down the street could be illuminated by glowing trees and shrubbery lining the sides of the roads? Imagine a super highway; instead of being lined by looming lights that glare down at passerby's, it is decorated with colossal conifers that glow in the dark and stretch for as far as the eye can see!  Being the type of person that doesn’t much care for what is natural I think that this is pretty cool! I think I might want to buy my own glow in the dark plant right now!

What I just said might be a little bit exaggerated but the crowd funding source Kickstarter doesn't seem to think so. As of right now a research crew that is led by Omri Amirav-Drory, a synthetic biologist, and a plant scientist that goes by the name of Kyle Taylor, are developing a commercially oriented line of glowing trees and plants. What is even cooler is that anyone who backs or funds this project will receive their very own seed for a plant the will glow in the dark!

the new glowing plants Now, it is unclear as to whether these plants simply glow, or glow in the dark. In other words, I am wondering if they absorb sunlight during the day, and glow at night or do they just glow all the time. It seems that this would be the most common sense 

approach and since the team of Stanford-taught PhD types claim to be inspired by fireflies, I believe that a glow in the dark plant rather than a plant that constantly glows will be their ultimate product.

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Now, some of my readers may think that this is unnatural and thus unethical. I don't really think so. Glow in the dark plants do not pose any threat to the eco system that I am aware of and regulations for projects such as this are very high anyways. Basically, you could not go out and simply plant one of these glow in the dark plants in the forest legally.

What is even more exciting is that this glowing plant product is not far off from commercial production. Even more exciting than that is the potential for people to own a 100% sustainable light source. Imagine how much money the United States economy would save if people used glowing plants as a source for light at night? This is a truly exciting project and I think it will have all sorts of benefits for the future.

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