what would jesus do with 5 billion dollars This is to all the Mormon's out there in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

So, ladies and gentlemen, what exactly would Jesus do with $5 billion? Lets make this a multiple choice question and have a little fun with it.

What would Jesus do with $5 billion?

(A) Feed the starving and poor in 3rd world countries.

(B) Invest in AIDS research.

(C) Help drug and alcohol addicts become sober by investing in rehab facilities.

(D) Build a giant high end mega mall.

Most people may have considered the first 3 answers very plausible. In fact, if you couldn't decide between A, B and C than you might be the average person. Whether you believe in god or not the first three options just make sense, right? I mean, what sort of all mighty God would ever think that a mega mall would be the best option? In fact, I bet you can think of about 100 more humanitarian pursuits that God would invest $5 billion dollars in, correct? 

If your a Mormon, however, the answer is D, build a giant high end mega mall!

That's right, if you think Jesus would spend $5 billion on a high end shopping mall, you might be a member of the Mormon Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

That is right my readers, the Mormon corporation has found it prudent to build a multi-billion dollar mall near their Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City. The mall is called the City Creek Center and it is absolutely astounding! With water fountains intertwined in shooting flames and man made creeks, the City Creek Center shopping mall truly is as close to heaven as the Mormon leaders will ever get.

Although it is claimed that no tithing was used in the construction of this mall that is a very tough position to defend. The real-estate investment arm of the Mormon Church, called Property Reserve, Inc, was  responsible for the oversight and development of this spectacular $5 billion dollar mega mall. The biggest question I am asking is that if this mall was not constructed through tithing, than how did the Mormon "Church", which began with tithing alone, come to found the Property Reserve, Inc company in the first place?

Yes that's right my friends, this church is no doubt becoming something quite different than many people believe. The Mormon Church is a multi-billion dollar corporation which, if actually considered a business, would have enough cash profits to make it on to the Fortune 500 companies list. For people who don't know what that list is the Fortune 500 is a annual list of the top 500 most profitable US industrial corporations and companies. 
What I wonder is how Mormons can view their church the same after knowing about the vast extant of their wealth and power. How can it's members continue to finance the Mormon Church through a 10% tithe when the church has 10's of billions of dollars in excess cash sitting in bank accounts and invested in stock, bonds, companies and real-estate.

The Mormon Church is truly a scam to behold and getting a piece of capital pie is obviously their true agenda. Well, that and enforcing their strict Mormon guidelines on all businesses that operate within their privately owned properties.

That's right, don't think you can simply go to the City Creek Center and be yourself. On top of being closed on Sunday the Mormon 700,000 square foot mega mall does not allow offensive t-shirts, sagging jeans, clothes that don't fit in with the first class atmosphere, no smoking outside, no swearing, playing music, skateboarding, no taking pictures or videos, and please have a shit load of cash on hand so they know you plan on spending.
city-creek-final1 City Creek Center will have armed private guards much like many other malls and they will be able to enforce the rules that City Creek Center has in place. That means if you wear a t-shirt deemed offensive they will have the right to tell you to go home or turn that shirt inside out. Pretty fancy, eh? 

Anyhow, I just thought I would bring this mall to the attention of people involved in the religion as well as my readers. I believe that people in the Mormon religion are fine and dandy, but that the leaders of the Mormon Church have become quite corrupt in their path to salvation.

What I will never understand is the desire for the Mormon Church to build massive temples and grandiose buildings all in the name of God and Jesus. What irks me even more is how Mormons believe that God would find solace and spiritual value in rock and stone and gold monuments when God himself is supposed to have unlimited power to create these materials.

If God can create an unlimited supply of gold, marble, stone and all precious materials than why would God find any value in the materials? Why would God be impressed by these truly vain constructs? I am not a religious man and I consider myself an atheist. However, my family is 100% Mormon and they find no fault in the Mormon Church and it's multi-billion dollars investments.

I think the members of the Mormon Church need to take a good hard look at their leaders and start asking questions about where their money is going. Ask why the church seems to think that gold equals god. They need to stop believing everything they hear and starting thinking with their minds and spirit. Every single time the church makes a new investment or starts a new capital venture the Mormons need to ask themselves the question they ask EVERYONE in the church and outside of the church; What would Jesus do?

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