Please Tell Me
Tell me how you hate it when your apart from me.

Tell me that you love me and pour out your heart for me.

Tell me I’m the one you want to get a hold of.

Tell me you want to be with me until the end of time.

But I’m sitting on top of this cloud, floating above in the sky like a dove.

Not the one that looks good with hate, so teach me how to love.

But how can you teach me how to love if I already fell in it?

Everyone needs to know that it’s not hard to revive a dead flame.

The flame was rekindled when I came; the flame went out when it rained.

So should I keep going and talking about my pain?

Or should I end it with this line and write my name?

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"My name is Jevonte 🙂 I love to play basketball, I write poetry and have many different writing styles. I live my life through quotes and inspiration. My favorite quotes are "Impossible is Nothing" and "Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negative things". Well there is a lot more to me, but that was a brief summary 🙂 Feel free to ask me questions on my poems or send me a message on facebook at I also love giving out advice, people tend to feel comfortable to talk to me about anything, so yeah, take advantage of that, bye now! :)"

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