an ex lover An ex is sometimes an example of what could have been wrong, what could have been right. An ex could be what caused the constant fight. At first you felt in flight, both people look into the same star at night. Who knew that love is a silent killer with a knife, but love can also bring you back to life.

Love has an advantage and disadvantages. It can be good or bad, happy or sad, keep you sane or in pain, it can give you sunshine or leave you in the rain. An ex marks the spot on a heart, so a piece of them will always stay, even when the heart yells go away.

The pain leaves the heart unreal, like an artificial heart, they feel like they are a part of the reason of the sudden depart. See the smile on their face? Well its fake. They put on this mask for my own sake, an ex can put you in an early grave, but they can be the cause of your reincarnation, heart is pumped cause the inflation, but in two seconds it can be deflated, just when you thought ”I made it”, you start thinking “Curse these feelings, I hate it”, life isn’t fun no more, she a silent theft, cause she can easily make you feel like you got nothing left.

That spark can easily be ignited, hard to put out the fire once they light it, no trust and love don’t mix, an ex is a hard problem to fix, but to let go is easier said than done, cause as soon as two hearts become one. It’s a process that’s almost impossible to be undone.

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"My name is Jevonte 🙂 I love to play basketball, I write poetry and have many different writing styles. I live my life through quotes and inspiration. My favorite quotes are "Impossible is Nothing" and "Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negative things". Well there is a lot more to me, but that was a brief summary 🙂 Feel free to ask me questions on my poems or send me a message on facebook at I also love giving out advice, people tend to feel comfortable to talk to me about anything, so yeah, take advantage of that, bye now! :)"

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