a cold world If I had the choice, I’d pause the moment, rewind the good times, fast forward the bad times, record the times I was at my prime, delete the moments where the spotlight wasn’t mine, then get a stopwatch to freeze time, then set a reminder to not lose her, get the timer and set it to forever. I think that line was more than clever, it was me just putting it all out there like I got nothing to lose, to be left behind is something I refuse, the saddest thing is things are getting loved but people are being used, cold world; so I might as well ignite the flame and turn up the fuse.

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"My name is Jevonte 🙂 I love to play basketball, I write poetry and have many different writing styles. I live my life through quotes and inspiration. My favorite quotes are "Impossible is Nothing" and "Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negative things". Well there is a lot more to me, but that was a brief summary 🙂 Feel free to ask me questions on my poems or send me a message on facebook at https://www.facebook.com/SufferinFromRealness. I also love giving out advice, people tend to feel comfortable to talk to me about anything, so yeah, take advantage of that, bye now! :)"

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