Cure a poem
I’m seeing the leafs fall,
I’m seeing my emotions going through it all,
I know your hating the fact I’m not yours,
because you know this world is cold and I’m your cure.
You know that I like to keep my conscious clear,
you also know that my heart is pure.
That peer pressure you feel when I’m close to you,
when your blushing red,
cause you know that I can see right through you.
You’re asking me how do I do it,
you’re asking why I’m putting your guard down,
and letting you keep your pride,
you’re so angry cause all those nights you cried.
Some nights you felt so low, but I’m your high.
If you’re wondering if I’m your guy,
you would just have to see how I look at you through my eyes

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"My name is Jevonte 🙂 I love to play basketball, I write poetry and have many different writing styles. I live my life through quotes and inspiration. My favorite quotes are "Impossible is Nothing" and "Beautiful things happen when you distance yourself from negative things". Well there is a lot more to me, but that was a brief summary 🙂 Feel free to ask me questions on my poems or send me a message on facebook at I also love giving out advice, people tend to feel comfortable to talk to me about anything, so yeah, take advantage of that, bye now! :)"

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