apathy for the lonesome
When someone trusts and you choose to break
they never trust again and inside ache
they tell you a secret and you choose to spread
you remove the good name and add a bad name instead…

When someone passes by and you laugh at them for being lame
but you don’t know what they are going through in everyday frame
you call people and choose to show off your new gadget
but they hardly have money to make a new budget….

When someone is ready to give you their all
but you don’t seem to care and let them fall
they think there is something wrong with them
and they don’t deserve your care cause they are far from a gem…

When someone has that fake smile but you don’t see it
you call them the happiest with sadness of no bit
but if you would just look a little deeper
you would see a big weeper…

If someone tells you their problems you think they whine a lot
and bad news is what they seem to brought
only if you knew life has given them everything except a smile
and it wouldn’t hurt to listen and wipe their tears once in a while

we never know what someone is going through
not only you have problems but everyone else too
your single remark can break them apart
and it may take forever to get a new start

So be careful to what you do or say
don’t act or talk in a wrong way
hurting someone is easier than we think
don’t do it cause same might happen to you in a blink…

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Narjis Malik

Narjis Malik

Senior Student at Pakistan Education Centre
My name is Narjis Malik. I am 17 years old and in 12th grader in the Pakistan Education Centre in Doha,Qatar. Writing is my hobby and slowly becoming a passion. I mostly write on things that I see happening around and that intrigue me most. I just want my writing to put a positive impact on people reading it and the realization of the wrongs is my main goal 🙂

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