Guardian of the fearful I still remember clearly 17 years ago what had happened. It still haunts me to this day. Let me tell you about that day. No, let me tell you about what happened that whole week. It was this same exact week; Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. I was 8 and it was summertime. We just got out of school a month ago. But stuff had happened that summer that I don’t even remember. Let me start with the thing I do remember. The really good thing I remember. You see my father had just died on Monday.

It was tragic for my mother, how it was tragic for her I don’t know. After the way he treated us she should’ve been happy he was gone. How his side of the family felt we didn’t know. They didn’t like us so they never stayed in contact. For me it wasn’t so tragic. For some strange reason I was glad. Now I had freedoms and opportunities. For instance, I would be able to go outside more often and play with the other boys around this quiet little neighborhood. I wouldn’t have to worry about getting belted for no reason or my mom screaming and pleading him to stop hitting her, or a broken window, almost every week. I wouldn’t have to worry about there being no food in the house because of the booze taking up the space in our refrigerator, or the cops always coming to my home questioning us about the noise. I was happy because now I wouldn’t live that life anymore. I was very happy. That is, until the presence arrived.

Before I tell this story I have one condition and I will not repeat myself. I will not ever share where I lived during these events out of fear that others will get hurt or stalked by this ‘thing’ forever, much like I have by this presence. The same lurking and evil presence that would see harm to my friends and loved ones. I suppose it does not matter if I tell you about my location for this skulking monster is truly everywhere. I suppose I will explain that later on.

It was 7:00 on a Wednesday morning. It was a cool, breezy Wednesday morning. I had just finished my delicious breakfast of eggs, bacon and ham. When I had finished, my mom started telling me about how much I’d grown and that I’d become a great young man one day. Little did I know that following that compliment she would give me news that would shatter my young life. She said that I would soon be moving. I stopped eating for a moment, then I asked her why, “Have I done something wrong mother?” She smiled and said “no sweetie that’s not it at all.” I paused and said “So I haven’t done anything wrong?” She looked at me tenderly and explained “No, let me finish ok honey?” She told me she wouldn’t be able to take care of me anymore because my father was the bread winner in this home and that I would be moving to Connecticut with my grandparents on Friday. I slowly nodded, taking all this in. I started crying. Sometimes, looking back on all this, it’s hard to talk about knowing this is the only clear memory I have of my mother.

“Ok.” I mumbled as tears were streaming down my face and snot running down my nose. I was hysterical. She hugged me and caressed me for a moment and then put her hands around my face and told me “Shh, shh young man, it’s OK. Remember, no matter what, you are my son and I love you. You’ll love your grandparents I’m sure of it, OK sweetie?” I said OK still sobbing. She gave me a handkerchief to wipe my face off and I did. I than tucked it into my pocket. She smiled one more time, and told me I should go outside because the boys were calling my name. I could hear them too; “Chris, Chris come outside and play with u! We will have fun!” they said. I looked at my mother, she nodded. I hugged her tightly and kissed her on the cheek goodbye. Little did I know it would be my last good bye. I walked down our steps and kept going straight because the boys were nowhere in sight. I wondered where they were, and for some reason I wondered where I was. I was confused, very confused and I didn’t know what to do. Out of nowhere tomorrow is the last full day I’ll see my mom again I thought. Little did I know how wrong I was. I just didn’t know it yet.

I heard a yelling like Indians and there they were running right at me. It was the boys; Jerry, Johnny, Timmy, Louy, and Louie. Louy and Louie were twin brothers, Timmy was my best friend since pre-k and Jerry and Johnny were some boys who moved in with their parents a week ago. Really nice boys though. All of us started chatting about random things because we were bored. I wanted to tell them about me moving but I decided I should do it tomorrow. Johnny had started talking about playing a game called follow the leader. He wanted to go in the woods right on the edge of our neighborhood. So all of us agreed to it like the ‘men’ we were and we raced to the edge of the forest. I got there first but when I stepped in I saw something out of the corner of my eye for three brief seconds. It was a very tall and very slim man in a suit and tie. He had no face. It was just white. Just as soon as he was there he was gone. I thought I was seeing things so I just shrugged it off.  Just then jimmy came up behind me and then the rest of the boys along with him. I said “Guys, I think we should go deeper in the woods.” and they all said in unison, which was strange, “Yes we should! It will be fun.” They said it would be fun so I had my hopes high. We started playing follow the leader and I was the leader since I won the race over here. We kept going straight, ducking and dodging tree branches that were in our way. I started getting this feeling that something or someone was following us but I shrugged it off. After all, we were playing follow the leader, weren’t we? We arrived at what felt like the center of the forest. We heard water trickling and making a echoing ‘drip, drop’ sound. I went closer and they followed me to the sound. We were quiet the entire way so it was easier to hear the water. We walked and walked until we found the source. It was a little spring of clear water.

Johnny spoke up and said “Why don’t we all have a little drink of it. We’re getting tired anyway.” So we got on our knees and cupped our hands and drank and drank. It was sweet water too and so cold I will never forget that. Then, for only a moment, I saw a reflection in the water. It was that same tall man I had thought I had seen earlier. I screamed and looked behind me quickly but there was no one there. No one at all! The boys questioned me asking what was wrong. They said “What’s wrong Chris? Are you OK? You look like you just saw a ghost.” I stuttered “No, I… I didn’t see anything. Just a big spider right next to me” They replied “Oh, ok let’s hope it ran away.” This slender man was really beginning to bug me, excuse the pun, but like always I shrugged it off. We switched leaders and I was in the back of the line and Jimmy was leader. Timmy was in front of me, Louy and Louie were in the middle and Johnny was behind Jimmy. We started going across the little spring and when I finally stepped past it the air suddenly felt like it was somehow heavier. The ground got harder and the atmosphere became more… more sinister.

slender man

As we continued on we found a little weary looking shack. Jimmy walked towards it and since we were playing follow the leader we had to as well. Louy and Louie were chickening out and they said “Don’t you think we should go back? What if someone lives there? What if that person has a gun? What if he’s dangerous!” “What if no one lives there at all genius?” said Timmy sarcastically. While all of them were arguing I began to feel this moving sensation that I couldn’t stop. My legs began moving by themselves so I started walking closer and closer to the shack. For some reason I couldn’t stop. No matter how hard I resisted I couldn’t stop! I started panicking like never before. I tried to call out their names, trying to say anything at all, but I couldn’t move my mouth either. I began to sweat and my mind started racing but then I stopped right in front of the door. And I felt something on my shoulder and at the same time I started hearing this loud staticky noise that was driving me crazy. I couldn’t take it anymore but at the same I couldn’t move to get away from the sound! I begin to hear screams. Loud shrill screams from boys! I felt a jerk of force turn me around. I could see them. I could see those boys going through something I wish I had never seen before. I could see them bleeding and getting cuts and being tortured from these long black tentacles. Timmy was being choked of his life. Louy was being restrained and couldn’t do anything for his brother who had a tentacle straight through his eyes and mouth. It was a horrific sight! There was Jimmy and Johnny spurting bloods though their nostrils and their fingers began exploding one by one! The whole time I could hear that loud staticky noise mixed with the horrifying screams of my friends being torn apart one by one! Then that feeling on my shoulder was gone and I could move. Now it was fear that paralyzed me. I could not move because there it was again, that tall, slim man with no face! The staticky sound turned into a voice, a strong but soft voice.  It said “Do you see what has happened to you in the past? That pain you suffered. Haven’t you always wanted someone else to suffer it for you? I will let someone suffer for you. I will spare you and give you a choice. Either remember this week and start off new, or don’t remember this day and start off new.”

I couldn’t say anything at all. I turned around to run but I bumped into something, something solid and soft. I looked up and there it was staring it at me with that blank, expressionless, solid white face. It yelled this time, “Answer me!” I answered “Choice one, I want choice one!” and I swear to this day he smiled and he said “Good.” I began to feel this darkness around me, this strong but hollow darkness. I closed my eyes just so I couldn’t see that man again.

Then it stopped and there I was in bed. I started to think this was all a nightmare, but I realized something was wrong. Everything was black and white and I could hear sobbing. A very low and sorrow sobbing. I walked to the voice. It was in the kitchen and there was my mother crying in front of a photo of me. I said “Mom, mom what’s wrong? Can you hear me? Mom, mother! Answer me, please answer me!” She just kept sobbing and I tried to pick her up and shake her but my hands went right through her. I began crying myself because I knew what was wrong at that very moment and then I was gone. I was dead…

I put my hands in my pockets and as I did I felt something, something soft and damp. It was the handkerchief that my mother had given me. I stood there for a moment crying, only wishing she could hear me, see me, hold me and tell me everything was going to be OK. I knew that was only a lie I was telling myself and that I was gone forever. Not only that but at that same moment of realization, that same day, or week, or whatever time it was, I watched my mother hang herself with a letter next to a photo of me and her. I yelled and screamed, pleading here to stop but she couldn’t hear me. I knew she couldn’t hear me. I knew I couldn’t do anything. I just stopped and stared in horror as she prayed and then jumped from a kitchen chair. I heard a loud snap pulse through the air. That loud snap was branded into my mind forever.

I stood there for a moment staring. I started to think and I began to know what that thing in the forest was. It wasn’t a man and it wasn’t a thing. It was an entity. It was my hate, my sorrow and my pain. It was Slender Man. Now, no matter what, he is always watching. He is outside your window and inside your closet. When you sleep he is there, right next to you, watching and waiting for you to enter his world. I lived the rest of my afterlife watching over people. Now I know where he is. I will always know where he is. I protect all that I can from him. I make sure he doesn’t hurt ever again. I make children leave the woods and the forest so he can’t hurt them. He hates me. He hates me more than anything because I hunt him and I protect his prey. I’m not dead, I’m just beginning. I am the one who puts up those notes to warn of him. I am the guardian of those who fear the Slender Man.

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Chris Perez

Chris Perez

Hello my name is Chris Perez, I am 13 and just beginning in high school hoping I'll get by it. I want to be either a Marine, or weapons engineer, or maybe even a weapons engineering company owner for the military when I get to college. I used to hate writing but then somehow I just got into it. So now writing is a hobby of mine, I also like horror, twisted plots, and adventure stories. I love Dubstep and piano music. I can really only concentrate on writing a story when listening to these two genres of music. I love to draw blueprints sometimes of weapons, buildings, and a whole bunch of stuff. Knowing I can not really build my dream ideas in real life, I just build them in Minecraft on the Ipad 2. There is a lot about me that I can share but I choose not to. Anyway, that was some info about me. Hope you enjoy my stories and thank you for taking your time to read this.

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