Love at First Site
Blue is the fascinating waves that flow.
The reflection of the radiant sky,
beautifying the waters vibrant glow.
Looking out yonder with a watchful eye.

My feet deeply buried under warm sand.
While I sit in the beaming suns view,
A man approaches me and grabs my hand
and pulls me to my feet, his eyes blue too.

Together we walked near the rising tide,
both of our hands forever intertwined.
A few years later, we walk side by side,
two hearts equal to one, our love combined.
Wedding on the beach, where we would unite
at the place we fell in love at first sight.

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Jessica Baatz

Jessica Baatz

Hi everyone! My name is Jess. I have many talents, my favorite is easy to guess. reading is fun, but writing is the hobby that's number one. expressing visions and sights to see and emotions, I've experienced that have lead me to be stronger and independent, wiser and free, more expressive than I used to be. I write about fears though I'm rarely scared. I write about fallen tears as I let out the sadness, my make up tends to smear I write about love, but don't we all? everyone dreams of that person we adore that never fails to strike us in awe. I write short stories that may exercise your imagination and poems that you can relate to through visualization. I even write plays that have a modern tone, but a touch of the olden days. for me it gives me the chance to share with each and every creative person, any where and every where.

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