Having a misdemeanor on your record can be very troubling. There many constraints that will happen to you. You will be limited on the job you can get and the apartments you can rent. It can be very difficult for the average person to overcome. What makes renting or getting a job even more difficult when you have a misdemeanor on your record is not knowing how much time has to pass before businesses will accept your application and approve you. There is an answer and I will put it below this paragraph. There is hope for you but you must be patient and pay your dues when you have committed a crime.

How much time has to pass before you can get a good job or apartment with a misdemeanor on your record?

Answer: 5 Years exactly from the date of conviction in most states. Some more serious charges may have different stipulations but for most misdemeanor crimes it is exactly 5 years.  I know this from experience and information I have gained through the applicant process.

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