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This is for any of my subscribers who might be interested in some funny names I found on the web. To me, these are the top 10 worst names that any man or woman could ever have. The irony is that it seems that men are the majority of people who get the worst names. These are real names of real people and I did not make any of them up.

#10: Merle Lester (Translation: Molester)

Most people say that if you have a stupid or weird name you will have a bad childhood. It looks like Mr. Lester probably had a bad adulthood, lol. How many parents are going to trust their kids with a guy names Merle Lester?

#9: Ok Suk Whang (Transaltion: OK, suck wang)

Hopefully you at least get what you pay for, lol. This was the name of an Asian woman. And all jokes aside she must have been in for a shock if she ever came to America.

#8: Tyrannosaurus Rex Mullens (Translation: Just like it sounds) 

This man in real life was a child molester so don't feel too bad for him. I suppose his parents knew that before he was born and decided to give him a name that would scare away all the kids.

#7: Tokyo Sexwale (Translation: Tokyo Sex Whale)

Just like it sounds, lol. This man must have really impressed the ladies in Japan.

#6: Dick Kock (Translation: Dick Cock)

Well, sadly for this guy I think his parents did this on purpose. 

#5: Kim Yoo Suk (Translation: Kim you suck)

This can be taken one of two ways. Either Kim is really bad at something or she gets around.

#4: Dick Tips (Unfortunately this name doesn't need a translation)

Either his parents thought his head looked just like a penis or this guy has a couple of tricks up his sleeve.

#3: Anass Afadass (An ass, a fat ass)

Lol, somebody needs to lose some weight!

#2: DeWanna Bonner (Translation: Do you want a boner)

We can only hope that she does, lol!

#1: Man Fuk (Translation: Man Fuck)

Oh god, how his parents must have hated him! Either that or they expected their son to grow up to be a well trained butt pirate. So much so that they named him after someone who, well, man fucks... Poor guy 🙁

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