October 31st, 2513. The sky was getting quite dark. As Zorro flew his hover craft home; he reached into his pocket, and realized he brought the vile; Zorro concocted in my lab yesterday. Zorro turned on the ships stealth camouflage, for he had an idea in mind.

As Zorro hovered over the Orchard of pumpkins; he wonders what would happen, if he brought these pumpkins to life. Zorro put a couple of drops on the pumpkins one by one, as he flew across the orchard. The pumpkins began to rise up one after another, standing on their vines as if they were feet. The pumpkin’s Fangs as sharp as knives and their eyes were as dark as a Halloween’s night.

As Zorro hovered over the orchard, madly satisfied, he began to follow the undead zombie pumpkins until everyone reached the City of Unlivingsworthe. One of the Mad Pumpkins started to attack a vending machine full of dozens of packs of Franken Smokes, the most refreshing, already rolled cancer free Hauser sticks planet Earth has ever seen. Another light orange, animated Undead Pumpkin monstrosity jumped on a year 2510, Dessert Orbit Hover Craft, and flew 250 feet in the air before doing a complete backflip, then fell back down to Earth where the undead pumpkin splattered all over the pavement.

Soon the Peace Keepers arrive to sort out the situation at hand. Immediately Zorro turns on his Stealth Camouflage, than hovers slightly higher awaiting what actions will occur next, in order to assert the situation at hand. Before anything else could happen, the splattered pumpkin on the pavement resurrected into a two headed fireball breathing pumpkin!

The two headed pumpkin spit a fireball right into a peace keeper’s hover cruiser with one of its heads. As chaos and destruction continued to reign Zorro pulled out his time watch, which has the ability to temporarily stop time. After triggering the time watch all time began to cease for the time being. While frozen time began ticking, or shall we say ”Melting away”, Zorro combined 50% of the dark liquid, and 50% of the unholy liquid together, therefore synthesizing the un-animation cure. As Zorro dripped the liquid upon the pumpkin’s heads his watch alarmed him that within 5 seconds time will resume back to normal.

Finally all the pumpkins were sanitized with the newly created chemical that will cease their reign of terror. Zorro flew back home safely that night, pulled out a pint of Vanilla ice cream, and ate the sweet, cold, creamy, slowly melting delicacy and went to sleep. 


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Emilio Ortiz

Emilio Ortiz

While growing up in Texas , around some southern country area, where the backyards are always peaceful and quiet, and the breeze can make even the most stressful of people relax; I spent my days reading the stuff I quickly fell in love with, like Fiction books, for example, dragons who would breathe fire and fly to the highest peaks of the tallest mountains in search of adventure, or to save his friends and family from a evil tyrant who was bent on turning all the dragons into stone, awaiting for a champion to save them! That's the beauty of poems or stories, especially if your writing them yourself, you can create anything you desire and determine the outcome of what will happen. Video Games, Music, Emotions, that needed to be vented out, Also sci-fi movies were a really big influence on the type of work I absolutely love to write about today. 🙂

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