Submit Your Short Story, Get Rated, Give Ratings, Read Short Stories The “Top 10 Popular Stories and Poems” on the side bar was recently added in the past 4 months to give all the authors an idea of where their stories rank compared to others in terms of views and social sharing. The app we customized for this is called nRelate. The top 10 rankings do not change everyday regardless of whether or not a poem becomes more popular than another. We have to re-index the entire website with this application and the stories and poems that are most popular in terms of views and social sharing are than reintegrated. So if you notice that the top 10 does not change for a week or so please do not worry. That simply means we have yet to integrate the current status of each poem and story in to the app. Currently our settings go back a year. What we are going to be doing by 10/4/2013 is setting this to a shorter time period of time, two weeks to be precise, so other authors have a better chance of becoming a part of the top 10 and so the top 10 changes more frequently.

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Michael Anderson
My name is Michael Anderson and I am the owner of this website for posting and sharing stories and articles. I also have a drop shipping company that I own. I am a very independent and goal oriented person. I hope anyone who is interested in submitting a story or poem sends me their work so I can post it up on this website. You can read more about how this works and how I pay you to post up work here. Not only is using this blog a great way to get recognized for your work, it is also a excellent way to turn your poetry, stories or articles in to a profit! I started this blog in hopes that I could help people get their articles, poems and stories out there for the world to read.

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