Fear deters me from contacting him; afraid of the pain that comes from within. Fear of the words that may stab my heart, not knowing what to expect or even where to start. Missing the person I had grown to love, we used to be connected; we used to be one, blessed from above. Time goes by; so much I need to share, kept in a place of silence, why can’t I get it he just doesn’t care! Memories flash before me, I used to know him well; he’s now become a stranger, it’s impossible to tell. What is my next step, how do I touch his heart, I know he used to love me, still haven’t accepted the fact that we’re apart. Each day I tell myself to quit, move on, leave it alone; how do I forget years of togetherness; I Must now learn to do things on my own. I fight the strong energy that creeps into my veins, I want so desperately to hold him, beg him to see that we should start again. It’s all been an illusion, a recurring dream every night, he walked away and left me, it’s time to give up this fight. Focus on things that matter, get serious with my life, all I knew for ten years, was how to be someone’s wife. Reminders all around me, the things we touched together; my fabric has been changed; our magic is gone forever. My awareness has been heightened, fear grips me at my core, I only want to contact him, to tell him more and more. I’ve lost the love of my life, I will eventually let go; acceptance is the key, to prepare me for the unknown.

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Writing has been my passion for more than twenty years. I've started more novels than I care to remember. The art of writing is what inspires me and not so much the end results. My travel throughout the United States and other countries has inspired my creative writing style and continues to motivate me to share my adventures. I am a visionary and always believe if I can see it, I can be it! Finding this website was clear determination on my part, as I have something to offer through my writing and I am ready to pursue my dream. I currently live in Surprise, Arizona and working diligently to finish my first short story.

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