I’m outside now, and it feels like forever. My owner left me here, no concern for the weather. I yell, I scream, and act all cute, hmm what’s this here, it looks like my poop! What was I doing, before this all started, oh yea my owner, he must be retarded. I’m such a good dog, and I mind all my manners, I chew up the cords, and eat off the counters. I’m like his garbage disposal, just look at these flowers. I dug them all up, and tore them to pieces. I hope he comes back, and takes me inside. It’s cold, and its wet, and there no place that’s dry. I found his car keys, and did him a favor. I buried them for safe keeping, You could say I’m a life saver. Now where did I put them? Huh? What’s that there? Oh look, there’s more dog poop! I’ll roll on it, and get it in my hair.

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Brandon Fite
My name is Brandon Fite and I am 25. I submitted this poem for fun. I own and manage The Outer Rim Bicycle Shop. I pretty much love bikes.
Brandon Fite

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