Gave him everything I had, stripped myself of all protections, only to realize in the end, there was really never any connection.

He never knew who I was, never bothered to drink my blood; I put him on a pedestal, he couldn’t handle my emotional floods.

He couldn’t feel my sexy swagger, threw away the family jewels, He thinks it’s easy to replace me, he proved that youth is wasted on fools.

He had the keys to my heart, could mold and shape whatever, he chose to walk away blindly, never realizing the depths of his treasure.

Chasing ghosts of a new day, promises of peace and tranquility, he had everything in his hands, never learning the lesson of humility.

Arrogance prevailed, it’s best to run while you have the chance; don’t look back at the mess you made, leaving your woman for another man to enhance.

He thinks I’m all used up, no longer any desire for me, he wasn’t willing to tap what I had left; not understanding untapped love will make you scream.

Move on with your life, brand new flexing and strut-tin your stuff, tomorrow will bring happiness for me, I am finally over you, and I’ve finally had enough!

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Writing has been my passion for more than twenty years. I've started more novels than I care to remember. The art of writing is what inspires me and not so much the end results. My travel throughout the United States and other countries has inspired my creative writing style and continues to motivate me to share my adventures. I am a visionary and always believe if I can see it, I can be it! Finding this website was clear determination on my part, as I have something to offer through my writing and I am ready to pursue my dream. I currently live in Surprise, Arizona and working diligently to finish my first short story.

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