Your personal biography example I just wanted to take a chance to talk to all of the authors about why submitting a biography is beneficial. First off, any biography submitted will appear at the bottom of each story or poem that a person submits. I have included a photo as an example off to the left. Please click on it to enlarge it and scroll down to the bottom of the image to view the example.

Secondly, biographies not only allows all of the readers to get a chance to know a little bit about you, but they also allow all the readers to appreciate who you are and get to know a little bit about your life experience once they have read your poem or story. This makes it easier for people who read your poems or stories to understand the writing and the analogies within.

A Detailed Biography

Submitting a detailed biography that tells people where your from and what your all about is important. It allows the reader to empathize with you and really understand where your coming from in your writing. Typically, a biography should be no more than 1,000 characters. Any larger than that and we will have to eliminate non essential descriptions on our end.  A biography above 1,000 characters pushes the section of the page below it farther down and may become distracting for your readers when they want to make comments or submit ratings. You can use the character counter here to determine the length of your bio.

Submitting a Biography Pays!

We want people to submit detailed biographies. A detailed biography will between 500 and 1000 characters. For all biographies submitted within that realm of characters we will send the author $0.50 via Paypal. We want our readers to really care about our authors and the stories they submit and we believe biographies really enhance the experience for everyone.

Biographies Improve Your Writings Rankings on Search Engines
Submitting a detailed biography also improves your rankings in search engines such as Google or Bing. What that basically means is that since a search engine will have more information to index in regards to your biography, it will increase the odds of your poem or story being relevant to what a reader is looking for. That is a good thing for everyone! That means you will enjoy more reviews, more readers and more ratings!

Example of Detailed Biography

Many authors here have excellent biographies and I have chosen the biography of Susan Dhar, one of our popular authors, as an example of what a biography should look like;

"Writing has been my passion for more than twenty years. I've started more novels than I care to remember. The art of writing is what inspires me and not so much the end results. My travel throughout the United States and other countries has inspired my creative writing style and continues to motivate me to share my adventures. I am a visionary and always believe if I can see it, I can be it! Finding this website was clear determination on my part, as I have something to offer through my writing and I am ready to pursue my dream. I currently live in Surprise, Arizona and working diligently to finish my first short story." 

Your biography can include as many details as you like. Simply make sure that your biography is free from over use of obscenities and any sort of overly personal information. Personal information you should never include are things like an address, a social security number and things of that nature. This may seem like common sense for anyone reading this. I just want to make things as I clear as possible.

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