The down and dirty reality, it’s time to get really mad, he left you because he was sick of you, never once did he act sad! So tired of the aloneness, the quiet empty house, can’t eat, can’t sleep, so frustrated, all because of an ungrateful spouse! I need a job, I need the distraction, times are hard, and I need to take some serious action. I’m mad as hell, crying all the time, does he even realize, one day he will pay for leaving me behind? There are no consequences, his life goes on, feeling all brand new, feeling good about being gone. Gone from his wife, his home, his old life, gone from the stress and hard work of marriage, thinks he’s gone from the strife. I will be whole again, pull myself up from the pit, I will shed this bad karma, and realize, I am the shit! He thinks I’m unattractive, can’t be bothered anymore, wants someone all fresh and new, he thinks that will be his cure. I tried to keep excitement, tried anything to light the flame, worked real hard to keep my marriage; was told I was to blame. I vowed to make no contact, no email, text or tweet; he made it perfectly clear he wants nothing to do with me. He should be lonesome, he should be sad, trying hard to forget me and the love we once had. He thinks it makes him a man, thinks he’ll be set free, what I know for sure, there will never be another me. I loved him hard, loved his humor and style, I loved the many songs he wrote, loved how he used to smile. He threw it all away, convinced he could do better; taking everything he’s been taught, leaving his teacher broken and bitter. Tomorrow is a new day, I know I will survive; this intense need to feel him, this longing must subside. I am mad as hell, can’t believe he left me dry, wish I wasn’t so upset, tired of asking myself why.

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Writing has been my passion for more than twenty years. I've started more novels than I care to remember. The art of writing is what inspires me and not so much the end results. My travel throughout the United States and other countries has inspired my creative writing style and continues to motivate me to share my adventures. I am a visionary and always believe if I can see it, I can be it! Finding this website was clear determination on my part, as I have something to offer through my writing and I am ready to pursue my dream. I currently live in Surprise, Arizona and working diligently to finish my first short story.

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