Feelings contagious yet you have nothing to say. You try to infect me with hate though you fail. You tell me what’s the problem now? Yeah, what’s the problem now? I’ll take you away! Nowhere to stay. Your falling away! Possessed by your things. Fake friends and family You have nothing to say. Amazed by your selfishness. All you emit is rage. I ask you, what’s the problem now? What are you doing now? Your fake perfect family. The lifestyle you love to portray I’ll see to it that you’re hollowed out.

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Emilio Ortiz

Emilio Ortiz

While growing up in Texas , around some southern country area, where the backyards are always peaceful and quiet, and the breeze can make even the most stressful of people relax; I spent my days reading the stuff I quickly fell in love with, like Fiction books, for example, dragons who would breathe fire and fly to the highest peaks of the tallest mountains in search of adventure, or to save his friends and family from a evil tyrant who was bent on turning all the dragons into stone, awaiting for a champion to save them! That's the beauty of poems or stories, especially if your writing them yourself, you can create anything you desire and determine the outcome of what will happen. Video Games, Music, Emotions, that needed to be vented out, Also sci-fi movies were a really big influence on the type of work I absolutely love to write about today. 🙂

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