Please help me climb my mountain.

I need to get to the other side; your love is like an addiction, stripping me of all my dignity and my pride.

I’m addicted to the anxiety, the worrying, and the fear, just one more hit is all I need; for me to start thinking clear.

I’ve tried cold turkey, white knuckles and all, sweating and pacing and wringing my hands, wondering if you will ever call.

Reading my scriptures; down on my knees, praying and asking God to release me; from the grips of your disease.

Consumed with the notion, that one day you will return, I need to learn to make better choices, getting stronger every day, knowing my sweet love, you must surely earn.

Clean and sober for six months, triggers of you everywhere always blocking my way; must refocus my thought patterns, to pull me through another day.

Just like most drugs, the high was just not worth it, the euphoria was only temporary, waking up to all your bullshit.

I’ll take one day at a time, to kick this love addiction; my life depends on my sobriety and recovery, fighting the demons to go back, to refill this addictive prescription.

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Writing has been my passion for more than twenty years. I've started more novels than I care to remember. The art of writing is what inspires me and not so much the end results. My travel throughout the United States and other countries has inspired my creative writing style and continues to motivate me to share my adventures. I am a visionary and always believe if I can see it, I can be it! Finding this website was clear determination on my part, as I have something to offer through my writing and I am ready to pursue my dream. I currently live in Surprise, Arizona and working diligently to finish my first short story.

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