Mist flows around me, like a snake circling its prey. From the sky smoke clouds attack, suffocating me. And fiery rain starts to fall.

A distant cry cuts through the silent night and I am paralyzed by fear. Starlight happily glints on the vicious dagger that slips painfully into my back. It wounds me deep, and my blood merrily runs from me to the earth.

I fall on my knees and a wolf howls to the blind moon above. I scream for sweet relief but only evil chuckles in glee. I am not alone. Ghosts from the other side welcome me, but I want to stay. When my last scream vanishes into the blackest night, I lay my head to rest. There is nowhere to escape. There is only death.

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Regina Kiss

Regina Kiss

Hello everyone! My name is Regina Kiss and I'm from Hungary. I only recently started writing and I'm very excited. I live with three dogs, seven chickens and a goldfish, and despite being (technically) an adult I still love cartoons. I would love to explore the galaxy on my very own spaceship or visit the land of fairies, but since that is highly unlikely to happen any time soon, I choose the next best thing: reading fantasy, crime or preternatural books, with kickass-heroines (and hopefully one day I'll write one too).

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