Bank of America does NOT support The Constitution! 

Everyone deserves the right to not be a victim!        

Why you should BOYCOTT Bank of America!

The Constitution is a fundamental part of American pride, freedom and diversity. Without each and every one of the 27 Amendments in The Constitution, America would not be the bastion of freedom and tolerance that we strive to attain each day. We live in a multi-cultural society where the 2nd Amendment has allowed some of the most vulnerable citizens the chance to defend themselves against violence, discrimination and aggression. Every citizen of good standing should be allowed the opportunity to protect themselves and their families as The Constitution guarantees. This is the epitome of inclusivity. So why is it that Bank of America, a company that claims to want to make “Life better…” for the world, would actively discriminate against companies that manufacture the very product that empowers vulnerable citizens and allows them the opportunity to level the playing field and defend themselves against violent criminals? 

Bank of America doesn’t support the 2nd Amendment! 

You should STOP using them Today! Here is why;

On APRIL 10th, 2018 the New York Times and The Washington Post reported that Bank of America would stop lending to and facilitating transactions for companies that create some of the most popular means of self defense in this country. This effects everyone, especially those in the most underserved and disenfranchised communities in America. We all have a shared responsibility to make sure our rights are protected. Closing your accounts with Bank of America will go a long way to speak truth to power. We need to show these large and abusive corporations that their power and privilege cannot be used to leave the vulnerable and good standing people of America without a means to defend themselves and their loved ones! 

Bank of America does not CARE about victims! 

For Bank of America to feign moral platitudes and insert itself in the 2nd Amendment conversation is an INSULT to the very people they disadvantage each and EVERY day! As an example, Bank of America profits MASSIVELY off the backs of the poorest communities in this country! Bank of America actively restructures transactions on YOUR bank account to maximize overdraft fees. They do this by organizing your transactions from highest to lowest, instead of accepting them in their original order. For example, if you had $100 in your account and you purchased 3 items, one for $2, another for $1 and another for $99, rather than having those transactions run through your account in the order they came in, Bank of America reorganizes those incoming transactions to debit your account starting with the largest amount, $99, then $2 and finally $1. This ensures that you pay TWO $35 overdraft fees instead of ONE! This current practice has allowed Bank of America to make BILLIONS of dollars off the very people they claim to have compassion for! This clearly shows they do NOT care about the communities they claim to want to protect from firearm related incidences. All Bank of America cares about is optics and PROFITABILITY! If they can make MORE MONEY by infringing on YOUR rights than they will do so! This is a dangerous precedent and shows their outright BIGOTRY against victims and their willingness to actively discriminate against some of the most vibrant and disadvantaged citizens and immigrants in this country! 

How you can fight back!

Should we allow POWERFUL corporations to discriminate against their customers based on political expediency and privileged bias? Should we allow democracy to be eroded by corporate power structures that seek to leave the most vulnerable citizens without a means to defend their own lives and the lives of the people they love? WE SAY NO! All you need to do to make a difference is cancel your accounts with Bank of America. Show Bank of America you will NOT stand for bias and discrimination and get the word out to friends and family! Don’t allow Bank of America, one of the most privileged, aggressive and capitalistic power structures on this planet, to profit off the theft of your freedom! CANCEL YOUR ACCOUNT TODAY! 

List of Freedom Tolerant Local Banks on Next Page!

Check Out & Switch to Any of These Local Banks! 

Don’t Let Bank of America Profit Off of The Backs of Victims!

Albina Community Bank Portland, OR   

Bank of Eastern Oregon Heppner, OR

Citizens Bank Corvallis, OR

Clackamas County Bank Sandy, OR

Clatsop Community Bank Seaside, OR

Community Bank Joesph, OR

Evergreen Federal Grants Pass, OR
First Federal McMinnville, OR

High Desert Bank Bend, OR

Lewis & Clark Bank Oregon City, OR​​Oregon

Coast Bank Newport, OR

Oregon Pacific Bank Florence, OR

Pacific West Bank West Linn, OR

People’s Bank of Commerce Medford, OR
Pioneer Trust Bank Salem, OR

Premier Community Bank Hillsboro, OR

Summit Bank Eugene, OR

Umpqua BankPortland, OR

Willamette Community Bank Albany, OR

Willamette Valley Bank Salem, OR

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