Ladies and gentlemen, it’s a brave new world. It seems that a quaint little Israeli firm called “Redefine Meat” is using 3D printing technology to make FAKE slabs of meat from plant cells. It is only a matter of time before these abominable scum bags start using lab grown animal cells to do the same.

If it’s one thing I know it’s that technocrats love power, and tech companies are run by a huge number of these demonic bastards. Mark my words, if technology companies get control of meat production they will use this as a weapon against rural Americans who have been the back bone of farming and animal production since the founding of this nation. I say we give these technocrats a taste of their own medicine.

Next time you are in your grocery store PLEASE do one of the following;

#1. Poke holes in the packaging of the 3D printed meat. You can take a thumb tac and push it through the front of a Band-Aid and wrap it around your thumb in order to be less conspicuous. Tear a noticeable hole in the packaging so they will be forced to toss the meat out.

#2. Hide the fake 3D printed meat somewhere in the store. Pick up a package of the fake meat like you want to buy it. Walk around the store and finish your shopping. Along the way ABANDON the abominable meat in some far reaching recess of the store. Hide it behind the toilet paper where it belongs. Poke a hole in it for good measure, than leave..

We need to make it too expensive for companies to sell this hellish garbage they have the audacity to call “meat”. Calling it “meat” sort of reminds me of the phrase “Almond Milk”. It isn’t really milk, it’s fucking NUT JUICE! Every time someone tells me they drink “Almond Milk” I politely remind them that it is actually NUT JUICE. It has to feel weird knowing you guzzle gallons of nut juice every week. Calling it MILK is a LIE. If it’s one thing I hate it’s lies. We live in a world of lies, so telling the truth whenever possible is one of the best ways to break the system of deceit we live in.

Look at this disgusting shit they want to shovel down your throat! BARF!

Take a good look at the image above. It looks like maggots festering in a cake of spaghetti blood! Only a deluded sheep would dare fork that trash down their mouth hole and have the audacity to still refer to themselves as a thinking being! Please sabotage this trash, for the good of humanity! Tootles, and God speed…

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