Somebody please forgive me.

Anybody that is there.

Anybody above, or anyone who is aware.

Even those that scorn; I plead for needles and thread cause my dead hearts been torn.

I am not seeing a reason and I have stopped asking what for.

I have stopped believing in fair.

I see in God in life’s greatness, but God fearing or nay  does not mean I’ll be spared.

How much of this world can I bare?

My inner defeatist conquers each of my prayers; Why do I, a believer, seem cursed with a deserted and placid empty stare.

I can feel it so cold, the hollowness takes hold and carves out my heart leaving nothing. I am lone.

 I tug on this sweet texture of death in a rope I feel this creeping pressure in my bones that screams darkly in a whisper to fall off the precipice and swing fore what I bemoan.

What should be sweet memories of a family are now owned by the calculating hand of my devilish woes. My leap of lost faith has seized the power from my soul.

And soon, yes soon, I’ll sink in the deep.

The blackness grows thick and stars are all that I see.

This lust tastes cold but I can’t step away from this dream.

Yet, as I struggle to breath, a sweet sigh utters in the form of relief.

Fair well to this cruel world.

I go to dangle in peace.

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Michael Anderson
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