The blood of my forefathers was spilled upon the callous chains forced upon my ancestors. 

I feel their incredible sacrifice imbue my soul. 

With gunpowder, fury and mountains of flesh, 

they gave all so their children would live free from bondage. 

Therefore I vow with all my honor and make this great solemn pledge; 

I will stand for my people and I will bring tyrants death, 

I will cherish family and liberty so rare in its depth, 

I will be steadfast and true and I will never forget 

that shackles and slavery will serve in the stead 

of a world without truth and weakness in men.

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Michael Anderson
My name is Michael Anderson and I am the owner of this website for posting and sharing stories and articles. I also have a drop shipping company that I own. I am a very independent and goal oriented person. I hope anyone who is interested in submitting a story or poem sends me their work so I can post it up on this website. You can read more about how this works and how I pay you to post up work here. Not only is using this blog a great way to get recognized for your work, it is also a excellent way to turn your poetry, stories or articles in to a profit! I started this blog in hopes that I could help people get their articles, poems and stories out there for the world to read.

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